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Post #1!

November 14, 2010

Welcome to the very first post on the blog, the official blog of B-B Bros. Sports Collectibles! 

I’m starting things off on this blog with what amounts to a basic run down of what you can expect to find when you stop by to have a read.

I’m going to take a slightly different approach than many of the sports cards and memorabilia blogs that I currently follow and subscribe to.  Rather than following a model of firing off posts as my time, pertinent news, and desire to voice my opinion permits, I’ll be following a strict schedule for my blog. 

In no way is this meant to imply that there is anything wrong with any of those other blogs, it only means is that it is not an approach that allows me to achieve the goals that I am setting for myself. 

I’ll still be a dedicated subscriber to the feeds, read what they have to say, and likely enjoy the bulk of what I read from other bloggers, and I suggest you do the same.  There is TONS of useful information and valuable opinions available from a lot of dedicated collectors/writers just waiting to be found.

When it comes to my posting schedule, Wednesdays will feature my Views, News, and Reviews series, through which I’ll be offering up my latest observations from my corner of the sports collectibles universe.  Box breaks, show reviews, and lots of general opinion posts will be among the things covered in our Wednesday posts.

Sundays will be all about the “business” side of B-B Bros. Sports Collectibles.  I put business in quotations because it’s far from a profit maker for me and is done on a very part-time basis, but I do try my best to operate it like I would if it were my full-time gig.  In what I’ll be calling the Sunday Self-Sufficiency Update, basically I’ll be offering some insight into what I’m doing to make my hobby of hoarding pieces of cardboard completely self-sufficient from a financial perspective, including highlighting some of the things going on at my website,, and how that relates to things at my eBay store.

When the posts aren’t going up you’ll find me on Twitter (@bb_bros) and Facebook connecting with other collectors and exploring the world of (very) small-business on as close to a daily basis as I can manage.

Ultimately, the goal for this blog is to provide quality writing while striving to never miss a post.  No excuses, regardless of what else I’ve got going on.

I recognize that my approach is not going to appeal to everybody and I can completely understand that.  But it’s not meant to.  I’m not looking to make a fan out of everybody. 

What I am looking to do is connect with people who share some similar interests and who will hopefully find some value in what I have to say. 

If I’m not the writer for you, that’s entirely okay with me.  If you think that I might be, then welcome aboard!

 Until Wednesday’s 2010 Toronto Fall Expo Show Review, all the best in your collecting pursuits!



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