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Month-End “Business” Update

November 28, 2010

Last weekend I provided an outline of how I plan to make my hobby of collecting sports cards and memorabilia completely self-sufficient from a financial perspective.  The eight steps that I identified in that post will form the basis for an eight-part series of posts in which I’ll go into more detail on each specific step I’ve taken/am taking to achieve my goal.  Stay tuned for these posts on Sundays over the coming months, hopefully that series of posts will help other collectors interested in doing the same thing!

The “Toward Self-Sufficiency Series” will continue next Sunday rather than kicking off today.  That’s because on the final Sunday of each month I will be using this blog to provide an update on the “business” side of my involvement in this great hobby.

Obviously I need to generate income in order to achieve that goal.  That income generation is what I consider to be the “business” side of my hobby.  As I mentioned in the very first post on the blog, I put “business” in quotations because this is far from being a profit maker for me.  In addition, I only put about 10-20 hours of work into the hobby each week.  That includes both the “business” operations and all of my collecting, which makes this a very-part time endeavour for me.  

The main thing that I ensure I do is to treat the sales side of things as professionally as I would if it were my full-time job.  Regular communication and promotion is an absolute necessity in the operation of a full-time business, so it needs to be here as well if I’m going to be successful in achieving my goal. 

This blog is a key element of that, so once a month it will be a vehicle through which I’m going to do a bit of shameless self-promotion with a bit of a business update.


I have had an eBay store for more than two years now, which serves as the sales engine for B-B Bros. Sports Collectibles, the name that I have been using for the “business” side of things since I first started selling through eBay auctions almost a decade ago.

On the final Sunday of each month I send out a Monthly eBay Store Newsletter through the marketing tools offered by eBay (you can sign up here by clicking the link in the top right corner!).  This month’s edition will mark the one-year anniversary of the Newsletter, which was the first communication tool that I began using to help promote the store on a regular basis.

My audience of subscribers is still relatively small, but since I do 99% of my selling directly through eBay, it is definitely a group worth communicating with directly on a regular basis since they epitomize my target audience.

The main idea of the Newsletter is to promote the sales that I have planned for the coming month, but I decided right from the start that anyone willing to become a subscriber should also get some additional benefit for signing up. 

For that reason, each month I offer my subscribers free shipping on any order they place in addition to the sales that I have going on.

For December’s sale, I’m offering 10% off all cards listed at $1.25 (USD) or more.  Since I’m going to have to shut things down for the final 10 days of the month (I’m away on a belated honeymoon), I figured that I needed to offer an additional incentive to buy from me in an effort to generate the sales necessary to continue working toward self-sufficiency.


So there’s my monthly dose of self-promotion of the B-B Bros. Sports Collectibles eBay Store (seller ID: bb_bros).  You can also keep an eye on our auctions and sales or get in touch with us anytime through our website (, on Twitter (@bb_bros), or on Facebook.

Coming up on Wednesday, I’ll be back with the second box break review on the blog, as I examine the Arena Box of 07-08 ITG Heroes & Prospects that I won at the In the Game booth at the 2010 Toronto Fall Expo.

Until Wednesday, all the best in your collecting pursuits!


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