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Month-End “Business” Update

December 26, 2010

Happy Boxing Day to everyone, I hope you have had a great holiday so far. 

I find it hard to believe that it has already been a month since my last Month-End “Business” Update, but time certainly flies when things are busy, and busy they have been on this end.

Between a hectic time at my “real” job, the craziness that is the holiday season, planning a belated honeymoon with my wife (I’m in the Dominican Republic as you read this, likely enjoying a beer on the beach), and also squeezing in work on my collection and eBay store, along with all of its peripheral elements, I have been a very busy person of late.

I am happy to report that with every one of those things mentioned above, all is most definitely well.


From the “business” aspect of my hobby of sports card and memorabilia collecting, to which these final Sunday of the month posts are dedicated (remember, this is my monthly bit of shameless self-promotion), 2010 has been a year of great success for me. 

I have made some majors strides and successfully accomplished some goals that I had set for myself, particularly when it comes to promoting my store and realizing some of the benefits that can result from my hard work.

With Wednesday’s upcoming post, I will be 14 for 14 to round out 2010 when it comes to sticking to my pledge of posting an article every Wednesday and Sunday without missing a single one.  It’s still early in that game, and for the most part I am still writing to myself with a fair number of my articles, but a few have had some small degree of success, which is definitely gratifying and serve as motivation to continue.  

More importantly, this blog has me writing on a regular basis again, something that I enjoy tremendously, but have not had as much of an opportunity to do at my “real” job since making a career change on that front early in the summer.

I also now have more than 130 followers on Twitter and just last week I posted my 1000th message through my account (you can follow me @bb_bros).  By no means are social media followers a great measuring stick for success, but is represents an element that I can put an actual number to and have seen an increase in, so I’ll keep it in here.

In addition to those things, but specifically related to my eBay store, I am realizing an increased amount of deductions on my eBay fees as a result of my increased efforts to promote it.  My store referral credits have increased month over month since launching my website ( in October , followed by this blog in November. 

Since qualifying as an eBay PowerSeller in August, I have also been receiving discounts at the highest level available in my tier of the program by maintaining consistently high detailed seller ratings.  As I write this, I have received 1678 pieces of individual positive feedback in 2010, pushing my overall rating to nearly 1750, all without a single neutral or negative received.

These figures that are specifically related to my eBay store reaffirm for me that my hard work really will pay off.

Most importantly for me, sales remain strong and steady, while at the same time I am reigning in my spending by limiting my purchases to the main projects that make up my collecting right now. 

Those projects will be the topic of Wednesday’s post as I introduce the Project Progress Report series which will be posted on the last Wednesday of each month to show off some of the recent additions to my collection.


In addition to today’s article, I am also sending out my monthly eBay Store Newsletter to all those who subscribe to it. As I said last month, the main idea of the Newsletter is to promote the sales that I have planned for the coming month, and also offer some additional benefit to my subscribers.

For the month of January, most items in the store will be available for 11% off of the regular price for the entire month as I ring in what I hope is another (and even more) successful year in 2011.  As always, January will also feature free shipping for subscribers on any order they place.

You can sign up here to qualify for the discounts.


So there you have it.  Official dose #2 of self-promotion for the B-B Bros. Sports Collectibles eBay Store is in the books. 

You can also keep an eye on our auctions, listings, and specials or just get in touch with us anytime through our website (, on Twitter (@bb_bros), or on Facebook.

Until Wednesday and the first instalment of the Project Progress Report, all the best in your collecting pursuits!


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