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Month-End “Business” Update – February 2011

February 27, 2011

As I mentioned on Twitter yesterday, today’s Month-End Business Update is going to be a much more abbreviated version than in months past as a result of my big move that took place yesterday.

February was a month of lessons learned on the business end of my involvement in the hobby.  A few of the things that I learned this month that will form the basis of some upcoming articles here on the blog include:

  • Never assume that  the pace of sales from one month will continue into the next
  • Don’t spend at a pace based on past month’s sales
  • The importance of communicating with fellow collectors and the benefits it can reap
  • The absolute necessity of being organized

From what I saw yesterday, I have more work than I ever imagined ahead of me in terms of getting the items I want to list on eBay organized, scanned, and posted.  It was very much a complete reality check when it comes to the sheer volume of cards and memorabilia that I have, and honestly, it was a bit terrifying to imagine how much work lies ahead of me and.

At the same time though, it was exciting to start planning things out in my head for where I’m going to take things once I get settled in and create a designated workspace that I’m hoping will help maximize my productivity.

In addition to today’s article, I also sent out my monthly eBay Store Newsletter to all those who subscribe to it.  Also short and sweet, the newsletter outlined my plans of putting the bulk of the items available in my eBay Store on sale for between 10% and 25% off once the internet installer has paid me a visit and got things up and running tomorrow night.

As always, subscribers are entitled to free shipping!

While I’m busy scrambling to get myself unpacked and organized, please stop by our website to check out our listings, auctions, and sales.  Also feel free to get in touch on Twitter (@bb_bros), Facebook, by e-mail at bb_bros[at]hotmail[dot]com, or by posting a comment in any of my articles.

Until Wednesday, all the best in your collecting pursuits!



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