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March Month-End “Business” Update

March 27, 2011

I find it hard to believe, but with March now winding down, we are almost one-quarter of the way through 2011 already.  The whole house-buying exercise certainly made things seem like they moved along more quickly than usual for the first two months of the year and getting settled in to the new place over the last month has also flown by with the ongoing list of projects that have needed to get accomplished.

With the quarter year mark upon us I figured this would be a good post to review my progress on the list of hobby related goals and objectives that I set for myself at the beginning of the year, along with the list of resolutions I also wrote about.

Those lists consisted of the following items respectively:

  • Have my listings account for 1% of all hockey card listings on
  • Increase my eBay Store sales by 10%.
  • Have 10 articles worth of blog posts completed in advance and ready to post.
  • Ensure that 100% of items have a picture included in the listing.
  • Do all of this in an absolute maximum of 17 hours, or 10% of my time, per week. 
  • Buy only what I need for my specific projects or what will benefit me financially by flipping items through my eBay store.
  • List new items in the store every week of the year.
  • Get pictures posted in as many of my listings as possible.
  • Do not miss a single post on this blog.
  • Do not let my hobby, or the pursuit of my goals related to my hobby, interfere with my personal and professional responsibilities.

Before sitting down to write this article I was fully anticipating that things were likely not going well.  In part I must have been thinking this way because I could not entirely remember what each specific goal, objective, or resolution was.  Thankfully, after taking a look over the lists above, total failure was not the end result, though I do have a lot of work to do in the remaining nine months of 2011 to get things to where I would like them to be.

From the first list outlined above my success rate thus far is nowhere near where I was intending it to be.  I am not listing items regularly enough to accomplish goal #1, I have not kept my books up to date enough to accurately comment on goal #2, I have not taken the time to write anything even close to the ten articles I identified in goal #3, and I have not been scanning cards frequently enough to make a dent in goal #4.  Goal #5 has certainly been achieved, but that is only the case because of the huge amount of time that house-related things have eaten up over the last three months.

My resolutions list has proven to be much more of a success story, which was good to see when I was looking things over for this article. 

First off, my purchasing has been exactly what I was aiming for as I have made a pretty good dent in my projects while also grabbing up a number of cards at great deals that will put me closer to my goal of a financially self-sufficient hobby.  I have also been making much better progress at listing new items over the last couple of weeks now that I have a more functional workspace set up.  While the addition of images to my listings has not gone according to plan, I have yet to miss a post on this blog, marking 39 articles being posted right on schedule including today’s update.  Finally, I have ensured that I am not allowing my hobby to interfere with any other commitments that I have.  Work time remains work time, my personal life and social life have not suffered in the least, and I am still making progress on my collection and “business” at the same time.

Over the coming months I am going to have to pay more attention to the “business” end of things than I realized at the outset of the year, as eBay has announced it will be making changes to its fee structure.  I will be posting an article about what that means for sellers in the near future, but my initial overview of the changes has left me with some very serious concerns about what it will mean for me personally as I continue to pursue my goal.  With that said, I will reserve a final judgement until I have had a chance to complete a more thorough review.

Later tonight I am going to send out my monthly eBay Store Newsletter as well.  This is a tool that I am considering making some major changes to how I use in the future, but for this month it will b the regular update on sales and specials that I will have going on in April. 

As always, subscribers to the newsletter are entitled to free shipping!  Just head to my eBay Store to sign up.

Until Wednesday’s Project Progress Report for March, all the best in your collecting pursuits!



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