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Getting Back to a Positive Frame of Mind

April 6, 2011

Today’s article involves a slight of a spilling of my guts, so I apologize in advance if this isn’t quite what you are used to on this blog.

Over the last number of weeks I have noticed that it has been especially easy for me to lose my patience.  I cannot pinpoint exactly what is causing me to feel unusually stressed out, but I have come to the conclusion that it is likely a variety of things that have me on edge as of late.  Some of my friends may think I am always like this, preaching my ‘realistic’ viewpoints which they see as a regularly short fuse, but to me something has felt off for a while now.

Regardless of what the case may be, there have been a number of instances lately that I would normally react to in a very calculated, deliberate, and well-thought out manner that I seem to have been treating with more of a knee-jerk response, which I do not especially like.

After coming to this realization and taking some time to think about it, I figure the culprits are likely the financial realities of home ownership and the inability to gets things accomplished as quickly as I would have liked in terms of getting everything bought, put together and organized has definitely played in to this recent shift, as well as eBay’s recently announced fee changes and the concerns, which have caused me some concern about the viability of my “business” that I am aiming to have entirely fund my hobby at some point (although that opinion has been tempered somewhat recently). 

The fact that this is also the first time in five years that I have not been involved in preparing for the new Major League Baseball season as an employee of a team and I’m realizing how much I miss it can also be added to the mix, as can the realization that I am approaching the anniversary of a few particularly stressful things that happened last year that I find myself looking back on quite regularly.

In looking back on why I have things seem to be going the way they have over the past number of weeks I realized that these unusually negative viewpoints have carried over to my hobby, something that normally gives me refuge from the typical stresses one comes across in life. 

With no offense intended to the writers of other sports card and memorabilia focussed blogs, I have felt for a long time that there is far too much being written about the negative aspects of the hobby and I made it a goal for my blog to be limited in its criticisms and focussed on my positive experiences. 

The aforementioned eBay fee changes have definitely contributed to the negative turn in my attitude towards my hobby, but perhaps so too did reading a number of less than positive reviews of certain aspects of the hobby that led to a post such as this one to appear on my own blog.  Any time the word ‘rant’ appears as a summary descriptor in one of my articles I know the post cannot possibly be in line with the goals I had set out for myself when I first launched this blog.

Looking back toward the positive, I must say that I am happy that I was actually able to recognize the negativity creeping its way in to my writing and that I can now focus on limiting the number of future occurrences of it. 

While it is unrealistic to think I can completely avoid expressing any negative view points about the hobby, what I can do is try to offset those instances with examples, anecdotes, and potential remedies that are at the positive end of the spectrum. 

For example, I will still be posting my From the World of “Why?” articles (which have an inherently negative viewpoint to them) on a regular basis, and will continue to express my opinion openly and honestly in other articles, but will aim to do so with a more ‘constructive-criticism’ focus as opposed to completely lambasting the subject of the article.

My hope is that I can stick to the path I had aimed to take more than forty articles ago and provide fellow collectors with some useful insights into the world of sports cards and memorabilia, selling on eBay, and working towards having my hobby pay for itself.  I think this article, along with the one I posted on Sunday, are a step back in the right direction.

Until Sunday, all the best in your collecting pursuits!



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