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April Month-End “Business” Update

April 24, 2011

As I do on the final Sunday of every month, today’s article is dedicated to providing a brief summary of how my “business” is going and where I stand in pursuit of my goal of having a hobby that is entirely self-sufficient financially.

I enjoy writing these articles on a monthly basis because they give me a chance to take a look back and give an honest assessment of how I have done over the last few weeks.

In last month’s review, I took a look at the progress I had made up until the quarter point of the year in achieving a number of goals and objectives that I set out for myself for 2011.  The results were less than positive from my perspective, so I have spent a good chunk of April looking at ways to get myself closer to accomplishing what I have set out to do with my hobby this year.

That retrospective look at the first three months of the year seemed to reinvigorate my motivation level and there has been a definite improvement in both my productivity and the results I am realizing in terms of sales in my eBay Store.

The major piece of progress that I have made this month has involved scanning like a maniac and taking some pretty significant strides in getting images added to every single listing in my eBay store.

In hindsight, I know now that putting the quantity of my listings ahead of the quality was likely an error.  Cards that had been listed for months without an image have now been selling within days of me adding one to the listing, further motivating me to get this project completed as soon as possible.

Yes, other aspects of my “business” will see the workload pile up during that time, but realistically I will be closer to achieving my self-sufficiency goal much sooner by adding images than I will be by keeping my financial records up to date, so the choice is an obvious one.  There are plenty of early mornings and lunch hours left in the year to get that aspect of the business back up to speed once the scanning is complete.

As a best guess, I figure that I may not have images in every listing until around the end of May, which I really cannot complain about in the bigger picture.  From then on my focus can turn back to adding listings (scans completed in advance!) and working on achieving my goal of having my listings account for 1% of all items in the hockey card category.

As usual, today also marks the distribution of my monthly eBay Store Newsletter.  This is a project that I am considering making some changes to how I approach, but for this month I will stay with the same thing I have done for the past seventeen months and highlight upcoming sales and specials I have planned for the month of May.

As always, subscribers to the newsletter are entitled to free shipping!  Just head to my eBay Store to sign up.

Until Wednesday’s Project Progress Report for April, all the best in your collecting pursuits!



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