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One Year Later

May 8, 2011

My apologies in advance to those of you who might be tired of reading all of the retro/introspective posts I have been making lately, but here comes another one.

The past month or so has included a number of anniversaries related to some pretty major changes in my life.  While these events are technically unrelated to my involvement in the hobby of collecting sports cards and memorabilia, their impact upon what I have been able to do with my hobby has been profound and I like taking the opportunity I afford myself with this blog to take a look back and speak to their importance a little bit.

Yesterday and Tuesday mark yet another pair of these important anniversaries as May 7th was my last day working with Jays Care Foundation, the charitable arm of the Toronto Blue Jays, and May 10th marked my first day at my new job working in the public sector.

I really cannot believe it has already been a year since making the change, yet here I am, and ultimately the better for it.  Over the course of this year, any indecision, apprehension, or second guessing about whether or not I was doing the right thing by making the change has been entirely eliminated.

While my current job may not be as glamorous as working for a professional sports organization may sound to have been, it does present me with the challenges and regularly occurring new experiences that I want in my work, which to me is more important than any sort of prestige associated with a job.

Perhaps even more importantly though, is the impact has left on my personal life and by extension my hobby.  I miss my former coworkers a great deal, however the type of lifestyle needed to work in professional sport full-time is something that I have missed very little.  Getting to spend more time with friends and family has been a noticeable benefit of working closer to home and on a more structured schedule.  Actually feeling rested when I wake up in the morning has been a welcome change as well.

On the hobby end of things the change has also been extremely beneficial.  Sports cards and memorabilia have always been a major focus on my free time, but the amount of time and attention I can devote to it has not only been increased, but has also been vastly improved as a result of making the career change that I did a year ago.

Before making the change a financially self-sufficient hobby was nothing but a pipe dream.  As was having a website dedicated to helping drive the sales need to achieve that self-sufficiency goal.  Not only have I been able to maintain some sort of connection to professional sport – indirect as it may be – by operating a “business” of my own, but I have been able to extend that into other areas of interest that I have, namely writing by starting this blog.

One year later and I can say with a great deal of happiness that life is good.


Until Wednesday’s review of my 2008-09 Upper Deck Black Diamond Blister Pack Box from the Toronto Spring Sports Card and Memorabilia Expo, including a glimpse into the worst case of quality control I have ever encountered, all the best in your collecting pursuits!


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