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A Perpetual Work in Progress

July 10, 2011

This time last week I was panicked.  I had returned home to find an e-mail from eBay informing me that my store subscription status was being lowered as a result of receiving detailed seller ratings from (a very select few of) my American customers.  The end result would have meant a 400% increase in my listing fees if I did not act quickly.

Although the initial response from me was that of the panic that I have already mentioned, a week of some quick thinking, math, and consideration of other options has led me to a solution that not only leaves my “business” viable, but my chances of achieving my goal of a financially self-sufficient hobby as well.

I am going to save the details of this plan for my July Month-End “Business” Update, but in short it will result in some fairly major changes to my store until I am able to return to my previous method of operation.

One major thing that I have learned over the course of the past week is that I need to be as willing to allow the “business” side of my hobby to be a perpetual work in progress as I am always so willing to do with the collecting side.

Every season brings something new for my collection, each with their own financial implications.  New products add a financial burden to an already pricy pursuit, previously unknown of oddball issues or obscure parallel sets throw my lists a curve ball, and the “values” of cards I need can fluctuate wildly.

None of which really seems to phase me.

These things may make me reassess, reconsider, and rethink my approach to my collection at that given time, but not once have I ever considered simply giving up because the task seems to difficult to accomplish.  I simply adapt and move forward, never wavering from the goals I am trying to achieve.

The challenge is part of the fun of collecting.

On Monday of this past week I headed to my usual lunch hour hang out (a great beach in rural Ontario just minutes from my office) and forced myself to take a step back from the panic and think about what I could do about my “business” situation.

As I played around with a variety of scenarios and formulas for how I could make things work financially without having to close up shop completely (something that was never even allowed to be considered) I realized that I was enjoying myself.

At first I wondered how that could be possible given the predicament I found myself in, but it soon donned on me: the challenge I find fun about collecting is also a part of my “business” that I find fun.

Working out the numbers and scenarios was enjoyable because they were just another part of the challenge that is (and will be for some time) achieving a financially self-sufficient hobby.

By the time my lunch was done I had a plan in place that will maintain the viability of my “business” and keep me on track to soon achieve a financially self-sufficient hobby.

Much like my collection is a perpetual work in progress, so too will be my “business”.

It took less than an hour to both realize and accept that fact, and recognize that it will only make my pursuit of my goals related to each aspect of my hobby that much more enjoyable to take part in moving forward.

Until Wednesday, all the best in your collecting pursuits!



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