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Hey Jealousy

August 7, 2011

Just so those of you who are familiar with the Gin Blossoms’ song from the early 90’s that reminds me of my younger years, I am not going to get nostalgic with this article to reach out to any long-lost loves and abandon the sports collectible focus of this blog.

In fact, the only reason I have that title today is because every time I hear the word jealousy I immediately start singing that song.  Catchy pop songs seem to have a weird way of being able to burrow deep into my memory I guess.

Regardless, the word jealousy has been ringing in my head since Wednesday since I actually have been feeling pretty jealous about something, so the title seemed like an apt one for the topic of today’s article.

That jealousy is rooted in all the fun almost every sports collector other than me seems to have had at the National Sports Collectibles Convention in Chicago over the past five days.

From what I can tell based upon the Twitter posts of fellow collectors and bloggers who I follow, the show sounds like an absolutely great time.

The event’s website boasts that there were to be more than 600 dealers and distributors, 50 corporate displays in 350,000 square feet of floor space.  In other words, it sounds like the exact kind of place I would love to be.

Having never been to the show before and now having the increased opportunity to follow along with the experiences of others through things such as social media, the question of whether or not I should one day make the trek has been popping in to my head more frequently with each passing year.

I do have reservations though.

First, this year’s show was in Chicago, no small trek for a collector from north of Toronto.  No small trek equals no small cost when you factor in travel costs and lodging be, along with lodging.  If the show goes farther away, up go the costs.

Second, my annual collecting budget would need to be adjusted significantly since I don’t see adding more money to it any time soon and my show budget is generally blown on the two Toronto Expo shows.

Finally, I am a hockey collector first and a baseball collector a distant second.  Anything involving another sport basically had to be given to me or won in order for it to end up in my collection.  As best I can tell, the focus of the National is far from hockey, making me wonder how much I could possibly find when compared to the Toronto Expo shows.

So my question for those of you who have experienced an NSCC live and in person, whether it be this year’s edition or those from year’s gone by, do you think this is a trip that I should bother making some time down the road?  Or am I getting jealous over nothing and am I better off sticking to the Toronto Expos given my collecting and budget tendencies?

Let me know by posting a comment, emailing me at, or connecting on Twitter or Facebook.

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Until Wednesday, all the best in your collecting pursuits!


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