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Back to My Bingeing Ways

August 10, 2011

I’m on a massive binge right now.  I can’t help myself.  The more often I do it, the more I want to do it again.

For those of you who are concerned with where this article is headed, don’t worry.  It’s not the physically unhealthy kind of binge that involves booze, overeating, or illicit drugs.

The kind of binge I’m on is an eBay buying binge, something I seem to go through on an almost annual basis and often right around this time of year.

The disconnection and disinterest that I wrote I was feeling towards my hobby back on July 6 has started to wane.  In fact, it is waning in a big way.

After months of what was one of the more remarkable periods of self-control I have ever forced myself through in this hobby, I have slipped back in to a habit of buying anything and everything below a certain price point that I feel will either a) help the bottom line of my eBay store in the long-run or b) knock another item off the lists you find on a monthly basis in my Project Progress Reports and Want List Wednesday posts here at the blog.

Having bought only a handful of cards over the previous few months, I have fallen back in to my former ways of spending much more regularly and with much less selectivity than I had been exercising since late March.

While the paragraphs above may lead you to believe that I am concerned by this recent turn of events, but the reality is I am actually pretty happy about the direction of things.

At the moment I am actually back to enjoying my overall eBay experience again following a month of some of my most negative feelings toward it.

Tracking down cards I want and need rather than focussing the majority of my attention on the “business” side of my hobby is good feeling.  I have also come to realize that in reality the problems I am experience with my eBay Store will sort themselves out over what amounts to a relatively short amount of time in the big picture.

I am looking forward to posting Project Progress Reports with actual progress to report, along with providing what will be an improved selection of items in my eBay Store in the near future as a result of some of the bargains I have sought out in recent weeks.

I know I cannot continue buying at the pace I have been recently, so my aim is to get to a happy medium between where I was for April through early July and where I have been over the last couple of weeks.

If I get to that point I feel like I will be back to a place where I can both add to my collection on a regular basis and keep the impact to my bottom line at a manageable.

Only time will tell how long this latest binge will last though.

Do you go on buying binges?  If so, how do you get them under control?

Let me know by posting a message below, emailing me at, or connecting on Facebook and Twitter.

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Until Sunday, all the best in your collecting pursuits!


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