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Marking A Goal Complete…Sort Of

August 14, 2011

Way back in January when I was doing a little duplication of effort and naming some hobby-specific New Year’s resolutions followed shortly thereafter by some hobby-specific goals and objectives, I noted that one of my top priorities for 2011 was to a include an image with every single one of my eBay listings.

In hindsight I never should have ended up in a situation with this being a major project for the year.  What I should have been doing was including an image with every listing right from the start, but back when I opened up my eBay Store the quantity of listings in my store seemed more important to me than the quality of those listings though.

The end result was an inventory of more than 4,000 items, but with only about one-quarter of those including a photo of what I was selling.  While having so many listings made it fairly easy to generate a nice chunk of money that I could then use to buy items I actually wanted, the full potential for those items was most certainly not being realized.

So early in the year I set out to put an end to my image-less items and began scanning like a maniac, which was followed up by lengthy sessions of updating listings using eBay’s Turbo Lister software.

A project that I originally thought might last a handful of weeks based on my early progress quickly stretched in to a handful of months as I quickly began to realize the sheer scope of the undertaking.  As summer approached my interest in my hobby went through its usual lull and with it went my motivation.

Lately I have felt a renewed enthusiasm for my hobby and have been working hard at ensuring the “business” side of it is operating as smoothly as possible so that I can return the majority of my focus to the collecting side of things.

That renewed enthusiasm has been paying off and I am happy to say that as of yesterday I can now say that every single item in my eBay Store now includes an image.  I can now officially cross an item of the list of goals I had for 2011!

There is a pretty significant catch in all of this though and this is where the “…Sort Of” part of the title of this article comes in to play.

While getting to this point was no small feat, the reality is the main reason that I have accomplished it less than three-quarters of the way through the year is that my inventory is currently down to roughly 1,000 from its high of over 4,000, making the goal much more attainable than it had previously been.

With my eBay Store subscription status being temporarily downgraded due to some low Detailed Seller Ratings being left for me based on the entirely unrealistic opinions of a select few customers, I had to take some temporary, but drastic, steps to avoid potentially massive financial losses.

A massive inventory reduction ended up being the best option amongst a slew of less than positive choices that would allow me to maintain a “business” presence while limiting the impact to my hobby’s bottom line.

Even with that being the case, the goal that I set out to achieve back in January has technically been achieved and I can now move forward with a plan that will ensure no item is ever listed in my eBay Store without a picture again.

The overall quality of my listings has improved, which at this point in the development of my “business” is far more important to me than is the number of items I have listed, so that is something I am particularly happy about.

What this also means is that my scanning project will continue to be one of those perpetual works in progress I have written about in the past.

I have hundreds of items that used to be listed in my eBay Store that I need to update for future re-listing, along with hundreds of other items that I intend to eventually have listed too.  The scanning, updating, and listing of those items is far from being done.

The goal now is to have myself as far ahead of the game as possible so that when my store subscription status can be upgraded to its former status, I will be able to add literally thousands of cards to my eBay Store in very short order, complete with listings that reflect the top-level quality that I am striving to deliver.

Though the financial side of my self-sufficiency pursuit is all but certain to slow over the coming months, enhancing the quality of my listings is actually a major step in the right direction in achieving my overarching goal.

If you have any suggestions on how I can continue to enhance my eBay Store or have ideas on where else I can test out selling my items to help support my hobby financially, please be sure to get in touch.  Leave a comment below, email me at, or connect with me and other sports collectors on Twitter and Facebook.

You can also sign up to be automatically notified of when I post a new article here at the blog by email (click the “Sign Me Up!” button in the right hand column) or through my RSS feed.

Until Wednesday, all the best in your collecting pursuits!



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