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From the World of “Why?”: Calamity on Cardboard Edition

August 24, 2011

1991-92 Arena Holograms Inc. – A Tuxedo Exclusive Edition Pat Falloon

In today’s latest edition of my From the World of “Why?” series, I am pleased to introduce my first Calamity on Cardboard article!

Trying to find a nice bit of alliteration to define these various sub-series seems to be more difficult than finding cards to actually base the articles upon.

Since I couldn’t think of a good synonym for “cardboard” that started with the letter “d”, calamity subs-in nicely for disaster for the latest addition to the From the World of “Why?”fold.

Today’s first Calamity on Cardboard comes to us courtesy of a company that I had never heard of prior to discovering this beauty recently while organizing a batch of cards that I inherited from a family member a while back.

Produced in the era in which anyone with a printing press apparently had the ability to create a set of cards, this set screamed for a feature in this series of articles from the second I found it.

Generally speaking, any hockey card featuring a player not actually playing hockey is not going to win me over very easily.  Making an athlete wear a tuxedo while feigning some attempt at playing any sport makes me want to turn the card into kindling.

Clearly, my rather blunt assessment of this card is that I think it is an absolute debacle.  No matter how dapper a tux can make a man look, Falloon looks absolutely foolish stick handling toward the camera in one.

The look on his face tells me that he knows it too.

With a very small amount of research I discovered that it wasn’t just one poor kid who is stuck trying to make playing in a hockey in a tux seem reasonable is to discover that make an entire set of the bloody cards!

How this concept for a card set ever managed to get beyond the drawing board, to actual execution defies explanation.

I honestly feel terrible for anyone unfortunately to have been featured in this set.  If I were one of them, my agent would have been fired the second I saw the finished product.

Unfortunately for Pat Falloon, his is the only card I came across in my organizing, so he becomes the sacrificial lamb for my article today.

At some point in these articles I usually like to try to suggest a more positive solution to the cards that I am featuring.

I have no answer for this set.  Beyond stating the obvious by saying that hindsight is 20/20 and this set never should have seen the light of day, I don’t think there is an answer.

Since I cannot come up with a less than obvious solution of my own I would like to know if you have one of your own.  Is my assessment off the mark or was this the waste or time that I seem to think it is?

You can also feel free to send me any examples you have of Calamity on Cardboard.  I am always interested in seeing what other disasters are out there!

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Until Sunday’s Month-End “Business” Update, all the best in your collecting pursuits!



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