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From the World of “Why?”: Photographic Follies Edition, Volume 4

October 19, 2011

1992 Score Baseball Jeff Reed #311

It’s the second to last Wednesday of the month, so it’s time for another From the World of “Why?” article and once again I’m back with a Photographic Folly for your viewing pleasure.

This edition of Photographic Follies has a unique spin to it as well.  With the World Series set to start in just a few short hours I figured this would be as good a day as any to have a baseball card be the focal point of an article here at the blog.

Today’s example of a bizarre choice of a photo to feature on a trading card comes to us courtesy of the 1992 Score set and features then-Reds catcher Jeff Reed.

Another gem of a photo that I came across while sorting through the boxes of mostly early-90s cards that I inherited from my in-laws, this example clearly shows that Jeff is in a world of pain.

Is he suffering from a bout of indigestion?  A heart attack?  Or did he simply see the mediocre offensive statistics that he had put up over portions of seven seasons in the big leagues that are shown on the back of this card?

As I’m sure would agree, those ideas are likely incorrect.  What’s more likely is that Reed either took a pitch or foul ball in a tender place, or had just been run over at the plate by an aggressive base runner.

Now, I get (and generally enjoy) the whole action shot idea.  Sports fans tend to prefer seeing their favourite players doing what they do best as opposed to the sometimes sterile posed shots (though I actually enjoy some of those myself) we often see.

But unless Jeff Reed was an expert in showing how hurt he is, this card doesn’t exactly show him doing his job at his very best, does it?

So much like I was with last month’s Photographic Folly featuring Alek Stojanov, I end up feeling puzzled any time I look at this card.

Who was in charge of photo selection for this set and how pathetic were their other options is this was the best they could do?  Even if the pool of photos was thin on quality, why would anyone think this photo was a good idea to include in the set?  Why would a card company choose to publically and permanently embarrass an athlete with a photo that does nothing to display his athletic prowess?

It really is unfortunate for Reed that this is what Score chose to go with as a photo.  If I were a professional athlete and was ever featured on a sports card I would be ecstatic…unless my name was Jeff Reed and this was the card I was featured on.  I can just imagine the disbelief he might have felt if a kid ever wanted his autograph before a game and this was the card he was handed to sign.

Yet another prime example of a true Photographic Folly!


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Until Sunday, all the best in your collecting pursuits!


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