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Talking Trades – Back in the Game!

November 20, 2011

Back in September I wrote an article about being ready to give trading another try.  At the time of writing that article it was more than 20 months since I completed a trade of any sort, whether it be online or in person.

Now, more than two months later I can finally say that I have ended that dry spell and I am back in the trading game!

Over the past couple of weeks I have actually completed two deals that I’ll go over very briefly in today’s post.

My approach to getting back in to trading since writing that article in September has, admittedly, been very passive.  Once or twice a week I will visit Sports Card Forum to sift through the message boards in search of potential deals.

I used Sports Card Forum in the past pretty extensively, making a number of trades and submitted a few articles in my pre-blogging days in an effort to test the waters of writing about this great hobby.  One of those articles actually won one of the site’s writing contests and was published in the now defunct Sports Collector Monthly magazine by Tuff Stuff.  Still a pretty cool thing in my books!

One of the two deals I have been able to make came on the Sports Card Forum message boards.  A fellow user of the site had posted a thread indicating he needed some 2007-08 O-Pee-Chee singles to finish off his set.  Having opened way too much of that product myself I decided to take a look through my singles to see if it might get the ball rolling.

Sure enough I had 64 cards that the other collector needed so I sent him a message to let him know what I had.  He responded with a link to his trade list, which unfortunately did not contain any cards I needed from my want lists.  Undeterred, I went back through the list and picked out a trio of cards that I thought were a fair return for him taking 64 base set cards off my hands.  He felt it was a fair deal too, and I now have these three cards in my collection in place of the 64 singles that I had absolutely no use for:

It is my hope that none of these will be making a home in my collection for very long as I would like to think I will be able to include them in a deal for cards I actually want/need, or I can put them up on eBay at some point and hope to get a couple of bucks that can then go towards buying an item I want.  Only time will tell if this plan pans out.

The second trade that I made I can actually attribute directly to this blog, which feels pretty rewarding to be able to say.

Reader and fellow collectibles blogger Dave (Wax Stain Rookie is his blog, @forestrydave on Twitter) got in touch after reading my most recent Want List Wednesday post and let me know that he had a bunch of cards from the list included in the article.

As it turned out I had a handful of singles for him as well and after a few quick emails back and forth that resulted in me adding some New Jersey Devils rookie cards to the mix for him, we came to an agreement on a deal.

Though these cards have yet to arrive in mail, I trust that they will be any day now.  When they do get here I can mark 57 cards off the list of base sets that I am working on, and Dave has a few rookies from his favourite team and a few less singles left to chase himself.

While neither one of those deals is what most traders would consider major, they are major to me in that they have reignited an interest that has the potential to be very positive in pursuit of a financially self-sufficient hobby.

Aside from the costs associated with packaging and postage, trading barely makes a dent in my collecting budget.  Moving 78 cards out the door and having only 60 cards come back in (57 of which are going towards projects I am likely going to try and sell or trade in the long run anyways) is addition by subtraction in my books.

As I make planning a priority over the next few months in preparation for 2012 and beyond, I fully intend on making trading a more significant piece of the self-sufficiency puzzle.  Stay tuned for more on that in a future article.

If you’re interested in making a trade with me then feel free to send a want list this way.  Post a comment, email me at, or connect on Facebook and/or Twitter.  I’d be happy to see how I can help your collection while helping my own as well.

My higher priority want list can be found in my Project Progress Report articles, while the lower priority lists can be found in a Want List Wednesday post.

Consolidation of these lists is coming in the not too distant future, but for now separate lists will have to do.

Until Wednesday, all the best in your collecting pursuits!



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