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From the World of “Why?”: Photographic Follies Edition, Volume 5

December 21, 2011

2010-2011 Upper Deck Ultimate Collection Pavel Datsyuk

Today marks yet another final regularly scheduled article here at the blog.  For quite some time now I have been posting an article in my From the World of “Why?” series on the second to last Wednesday of each month, writing about a range of topics that have left me scratching head.

On Sunday I discussed how I am planning to move away from the overly structured format I had been following in recent months by limiting my regularly scheduled posts to two per month.

One of the casualties of that shift in approach is this series.  That is not to say that From the World of “Why?” articles will never be posted again, just that they will appear more irregularly and erratically than in the past.

Another change you’ll see in the New Year is that a number of sub-categories – such as the Photographic Follies Editions will become categories of their own rather falling under the From the World of “Why?” header.


With all of that exciting banter now out of the way, it’s time to move on to the real topic of discussion for today, and that topic is one of the most unbelievable Photographic Follies I have ever encountered on a piece of cardboard.

I came across this card in a Canada Card World blog post back in July and have been saving it as the year-ender From the World of “Why?” article ever since.

For those who didn’t notice the problem on the image at the beginning of the article, take a second to scroll back up and have another look.

Notice anything rather…phallic?

I admittedly have a rather juvenile sense of humour, so when I first saw the blog post and noticed the problem with the picture I burst out laughing.

After a couple of minutes though, I started to seriously question how it was at all possible for this card to make it past the photo review desk at Upper Deck.

As soon as I saw what was (very) wrong with this card it made me think back to the IKEA catalogue from a few years ago in which a similar image made an appearance on a Great Dane featured in one of the advertising photos.

If I remember correctly, word got out in the media that the image had been inserted by an outgoing (and clearly disgruntled) employee of the company and it leaves me wondering if something similar may have happened here.

Even the most amateur graphic designer should have noticed what the “tear” in Datsyuk’s pants looks like and could have easily done something to prevent it from being released (and in a premium product no less).

It’s called Photo Shop people!  I bet that awful Paint program that comes standard on every computer known to man could have helped stop this from happening.

As much as the photo may draw some laughs, including from myself, in the big picture this sort of a mistake should never happen.  If you can change a guy’s uniform using a computer program when he’s been traded, why not do the same when an optical illusion sends a hockey card in a direction it never needed to go?


So there you have it, the final regularly scheduled From the World of “Why?” and Photographic Follies Edition to appear in a regular sequence here on the blog, at least as my plans stand right now.

I hope you enjoy the series and look forward to sharing more of them in the future.  If you have any examples of Photographic Follies of your own, or have hobby-related issues that leave you wondering “why?” then be sure to share them by posting a comment in an article, emailing me at, or connecting on Facebook and Twitter.

Also remember to subscribe to the blog by clicking the “Sign Me Up!” button in the right column or subscribing via the RSS feed.

Until Sunday’s Month-End “Business” Update, all the best in your collecting pursuits!


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