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Goals and Objectives for 2012 – Collecting

January 8, 2012

A week ago I laid the groundwork for the direction I would like to take my combined trio of hobbies (aka “B-B Bros. Sports Collectibles”) in 2012.

In that post I indicated that a more detailed breakdown of each category would follow and today’s article starts that off with a focus on the items set out in the “Collecting” portion of that plan:

1)  Start one new collecting project

This goal has been established out of a desire to keep my collecting pursuits fresh and interesting.  I have found myself increasingly challenged to make additions to my permanent collection as a result of the following:

  • Not adding any new projects in recent years;
  • Making some pretty decent progress on my existing projects; and
  • Seeing all but one of the players I collect have their careers come to an end, resulting in significantly fewer new cards to chase.

It is because of this that I feel it is an appropriate time to add something new to the mix.

Since it is not my intent to crack open a box, discover that I need 30 singles to finish the base set, find them, and mark this goal complete, I really ought to have titled this goal “Start and make significant progress on one new major collecting project”.

I have a number of ideas for new projects in mind that I know could be started immediately, so the achievement of getting a new project started is pretty much a foregone conclusion at this point.

Actually making some progress with some substance to it could prove the more challenging task.

As of right now I have not yet decided with 100% certainty which potential project I will pursue, but I have given myself a January 14th deadline to make that decision and plan to introduce it in my January 18th post.

Stay tuned for the details!

2)  Complete at least five of the non-player-specific projects currently found in my want lists

This is a goal that I will not have much of an excuse for not accomplishing over the course of the year since I need 10 cards or less for nearly half of the roughly 50 sets in my want list that I am trying to finish off.

This begs the question of why I would set the bar so low though, doesn’t it?

The answer to that question is actually pretty simple: given my inability to remove even five sets from my want list in 2011, I was left questioning if anything beyond that number was realistic for 2012.

Many of the sets that are a part of the “10 cards or less left to find” category don’t fall under the umbrella of my major collecting projects and as such are not high on the priority scale.  This means that very little of my searching efforts are dedicated to finding them and almost none of my financial resources are put toward knocking them off the list.

So five it shall be for 2012.  We’ll see how things pan out by year’s end.

3)  Add 25 cards that are more than 10 years old to each of my major player collections

There are few things in my hobby of collecting sports cards and memorabilia that bring me greater satisfaction than adding an item I have not been able to track down for what feels like an eternity.

Every time I go to a card show I flip through piles of cards of the players I collect hoping to find yet another hidden treasure from the past that was inadvertently overlooked or somehow forgotten about as my want lists ballooned with each new product release.

For this goal, my Daniel Tkaczuk collection is exempt since I don’t think I even have 25 cards of his left to chase down in total and those I do have left to search for are of the rare variety, but Mario Lemieux, Jeremy Roenick, Sergei Samsonov, Joe Thornton, and Steve Yzerman are all fair game.

I know that there are well over 25 cards in my want lists for each of those guys that were produced prior to the 2001-02 season.  The only question is whether I can find and afford enough of them by the end of December to actually achieve this objective.

4)  Purge my permanent collection to minimize duplication

Back when my brother and I were collecting as kids, we would jointly make decisions on which products we wanted to buy a box of (or more accurately, have our dad buy a box of).  We would then go about building two sets of that product so that we both had one to call our own.

When we were young and having a set for each of us to keep seemed to make sense so that things ended up equal in the long-term, having duplicates didn’t seem like that bad of an idea.

Now that we are adults though, I can’t say I really hold that view any longer.

In large part this is because my brother’s involvement in the hobby having waned considerably over the years (resulting from a combination of him developing other interests, having limited funds as a student, and living almost six hours from where we store our collection).

He still maintains an interest in his Mario Lemieux collection, but aside from that he really knows very little of what goes on with our collection or the “Business” that helps fund it.

For 2012 I am aiming to do a fairly major purge of our collection to help eliminate any unnecessary duplication, consulting with him and my dad along the way.

After that I plan to trade and/or sell off the excess items, reinvesting the returns I garner from them in the elements of our collection that we enjoy the most.

5)  Complete a minimum of one trade per month

For a number of the other sports card bloggers whose articles I try my best to keep up to speed with, trading seems to be a major part of their hobby experience and yields some pretty impressive additions to their collections.

The more I read about their successes, the more I feel like I should be trying to do some of the same.

Since I do not have much of a presence established on online message boards at the moment, and my recent experience with trading is scant at best, I set the number at one per month in order to give myself a realistic chance of achieving this goal.

Hopefully I can increase that number as I integrate this element of the hobby into my normal routine, but until I feel confident that I can accomplish that, one trade a month seems reasonable to me.


So there they are, my five most important collecting goals and objectives for 2012.

Do you set out specific goals for your collection each year?  If so, what are they and how do they compare to mine?

Let me know by posting a comment, emailing me at, or by connecting on Facebook and Twitter.

Until Wednesday’s breakdown of my “Business” goals and objectives for the year, all the best in your collecting pursuits!


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