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Goals and Objectives for 2012 – Writing

January 15, 2012

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Today’s post is the last in a series of articles in which I am outlining my goals and objectives for 2012 and will focus on the Writing pillar of my combined trio of hobbies.

You can view my overview article here, my Collecting goals here, and my “Business” objectives here.

Let’s get to those Writing goals and objectives for 2012 though, shall we:

1)  Refine my writing to reduce the average length of my articles

I want to keep readers interested and engaged in my articles and from my professional life – where I write on an almost daily basis – I know that the best way to do that is to keep things simple, concise, and to the point.

Unfortunately, my ability to do just that at my day job hasn’t always carried over to my hobby-related writing with the same consistency as many of my articles last year got well beyond the 1,000 word mark.

At times I would read over a post that I had writing previously and feel as though I was rambling on unnecessarily, providing a level of background detail that few would be interested in before I got to the main point(s) I wanted to make or address.

I want to avoid this in 2012 as much as possible, so for this year my number one writing goal is to cut back on how long I make my articles, tightening things up, refining my points, and reducing the amount of “filler” I feel I had been including in previous posts.

Given the length of my articles detailing my Collecting and “Business” goals and objectives for the year (along with this fairly lengthy edition) I cannot exactly proclaim to be achieving this consistently just yet, but it is something that I will be keeping front of mind with each and every post I write from here on out.

2)  Expand the range of topics I write about

When I first started up this blog I felt as though establishing a regular schedule of posts would be the best plan of attack, putting Topic A on the first Wednesday of the month, Topic B on the first Sunday, and so on.

As it turned out, as I went through 2011 I discovered that having the majority of my 8 or 9 posts each month follow such a rigid schedule was actually limiting my writing freedom and making things much too predictable.

If I was getting bored by the routine, how must readers be feeling?

So for 2012 I decided to cut the regularly scheduled posts back to two per month: an update on my want list at the beginning of each month and an update on my pursuit of a financially self-sufficient hobby to end things.

It is my hope that removing my self-imposed restrictions will allow me to explore a wider range of topics, including focussing more attention on current events in the sports card and memorabilia industry, while also writing about some topics that do not necessarily deal with sports card and memorabilia collecting directly, but can be linked back to one of the three pillars that make up my personal mega-hobby.

Stay tuned throughout 2012 for what I plan on making a wider ranging, more appealing set of topics for you to read about!

3)  Increase opportunities for reader engagement in my articles

I, like many other bloggers whose writing I follow, find that the most rewarding part of writing is the feedback I receive from readers.

Whether it be a comment on a post, an email arriving in my inbox, or a comment being left on Facebook or Twitter, I am always thrilled when readers decide to get in touch.

One thing I didn’t do a great job of last year was providing opportunities for engagement with readers by posing specific questions, asking for feedback, or creating points of debate.

Look for an increased emphasis on those things in my articles throughout 2012.

4)  Include resources of value to readers more frequently in my articles

In the first article I ever posted here on this blog I said that there is “TONS of useful information and valuable opinions available from dedicated collectors/writers just waiting to be found.”

What I haven’t been doing is pointing readers in the direction of that useful information and those valuable opinions.

I am aiming to change that in 2012 by adding a blog roll to my own blog and including links to the blogs of fellow collectors in more of my own posts, including more links to useful information that I have come across online in my posts, and adding a “Resources” page to my website to help fellow collectors quickly and easily find information I think might be of use to them.

If you have any suggestions on resources or write a blog you’d like me to include in my blog roll, then please get in touch and let me know!

5)  Restart my Monthly eBay Store Newsletter

Before there was the blog, there was the B-B Bros. Sports Collectibles eBay Store Monthly Newsletter.

Beginning in November of 2009 I would email subscribers each month with what had been going on with the store, what they could expect in the month to come month, and inform them of any upcoming sales and specials, along with subscriber-exclusive discounts that I was offering.

My dedication to the newsletter waned over the course of 2011 due to a combination of my negative attitude towards eBay in the months that followed my store subscription downgrade and committing the bulk of my writing time to this blog.  Unfortunately, this had led me to not send out a newsletter since the first week of September.

In 2012 I want to re-establish the newsletter, mainly because it reaches the exact type of person I want to target my marketing materials towards: eBay users who are interested in buying hockey cards and have opted in to hearing about what I have to sell.

Not only that, but I also I advertise the newsletter on my business cards and in the signatures of all of my eBay messages.  I need to live up to that commitment once again.

Look for the newest edition toward the end of the month.  To subscribe to my eBay Store Newsletter, click here.


Do you have a blog of your own?  If you do, what are you aiming to achieve in 2012?  What actions are you taking to achieve your own objectives?  Do you have any suggestions for how I can ensure the achievement of my own goals?

Let me know by posting a comment, emailing me at, or by connecting on Facebook and Twitter.

On Wednesday I will be addressing Goal #1 in my Collecting objectives for the year, introducing my latest collecting project.  Until then, all the best in your collecting pursuits!


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