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My New Collecting Project

January 18, 2012

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Among the many goals and objectives that I have for my hobby in 2012, adding a new project to the current roster of pursuits was at the top of the list in the category dedicated to Collecting.

While the goal simply states to “start one new collecting project”, I clarified in a more recent article that in reality it should read “start and make significant progress on one new major collecting project.”

I wanted something that would prove challenging while also being realistic to one day achieve and while I had a number of ideas jotted down that could have fit the bill, I have decided to go with the following:

Cards featuring Toronto Blue Jays that were produced between 2006 and 2010.

You might be asking, why the Toronto Blue Jays and why only 2006 to 2010?

The answer is actually quite simple: from April of 2006 through May of 2010 I was fortunate enough to have worked for the Blue Jays and its charitable arm, Jays Care Foundation.


There are a few things that really excite me about this project:

First, and most importantly, this is my first project that includes a connection to the subject matter that is much more personal than just being a fan of a given player or product.

My time with the Blue Jays provided me with the unique opportunity to work directly with a number of the players featured on the cards that I intend to collect, mostly in the form of community outreach programs and charity fundraising events.

Working in professional sports was truly a dream come true and leaving that world behind was one of the most difficult (albeit inevitable) decisions I have ever made.  With this project I will be able to revisit a time in my life that I enjoyed immensely and that gives it a level of meaning to me that few other collecting projects could ever come close to achieving.

Second, I will finally be re-engaging myself in collecting baseball cards, something that I have hardly done in recent years even though my dad, my brother, and I did so to a degree that was almost on par with hockey cards when I was younger.

Third, it should be fairly affordable.  Names with any sort of lasting hobby impact within the timeframe I am looking at are pretty much non-existent  aside from Roy Halladay, and even he isn’t a listed player in the latest edition of Beckett Baseball that I have on hand.

Finally, I like that the project is finite.  Everything that fits the criteria for inclusion in the project already exists.  No matter what happens in the course of building this collection, there will always be a finish line in place.


Shown below is the entirety of my new collection to date; 48 cards in total.

Over the past decade I have only opened a handful of boxes of baseball products and aside from a couple of cards that I have picked up online recently, almost all of what you will see are the Blue Jays cards that I pulled from the few 2006-2010 products that I opened.

Since I basically have a head start of more than 40 cards, the “significant progress” that I spoke of earlier in the article will come in the form of increasing this project to 100 cards by the end of the year (donations welcome!) in order to consider it complete.

Check my Project Progress Report/Want List Wednesday Combo posts on the first Wednesday of each month to see what sort of headway I’m making!


Do you have a very personal connection to any of your collecting projects?  If so, what is it about that project that gives it special meaning to you?

Let me know by posting a comment, emailing me at, or connecting on Facebook and Twitter.

Until Sunday, all the best in your collecting pursuits!


PS – I am still a big believer in and supporter of the work being done by my former colleagues at Jays Care Foundation.  I have a Jays Care fundraising page and you can make a donation to their efforts here.

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