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Reflecting on Collecting: What Is Your Most Treasured Piece of Your Collection?

February 8, 2012

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Last week I gave my usual monthly update on the progress I had made on my collection in January.  There were some pretty significant additions last month, both in terms of the volume and quality (from my point of view at least!) of the items brought in.

Some of the notable highlights were this 2011-12 ITG Ultimate Memorabilia Original Sketch 1/1 card of Joe Thornton…

…this ITG Superlative Volume 2 Nicknames jersey card number out of 9…

…and this 2006-07 Upper Deck Sweet Shot Ice Signings autograph of Thornton.

For me personally though, this card blew everything else out of the water.

It’s not the flashiest card in the world, but it bears one very important distinction from every other card that is a part of my Yzerman collection: it’s the first 1/1 I have ever been able to mark off the list.

Having collected for roughly 20 years, to finally be able to add a 1/1 to my collection that is dedicated to by-far my favourite athlete of my lifetime is a pretty momentous occasion and makes the card a very important part of my collection.

This got me thinking; is this now the most important piece of my entire Yzerman collection, card or otherwise?  Is this an item I will treasure more than any other that I currently have?

After thinking this question over for the past week I’ve come to the conclusion that despite its unique and important place in my collection it definitely isn’t the most important piece.

In fact, I have come to the conclusion that I don’t really have a single most important piece at all.

What I do have are a number of items that are definitely at the top of the list (including this card), but no single item sets itself entirely apart from the pack.

Here’s a look at some of the things I’m talking about that are at the top of the collective heap in terms of their importance to me personally and to my collection.


To some collectors this piece wouldn’t mean much.  There’s no autograph on the photo or the card and no piece of memorabilia included, just a serial number /100 that to me was only put there by the manufacturer to give an illusion of rarity or collectability.

What it lacks in traditional collectible “worth” though, it more than makes up for in sentimental value for me.  That’s because my wife gave this to me as a gift pretty early on in our relationship for no other reason than she saw it in a store and thought I might like it.  It was also the first professionally framed piece of Yzerman that I added to the collection.   It was an entirely unexpected and unnecessary gesture on her part that still brings a smile to my face every time I look at it, which is pretty much every single day.


In addition to looking incredible and including an autograph on the middle photo, this one has a sentimental element to it as well.  It was a gift given to me on my last day of work with the Toronto Blue Jays from my former coworkers who knew I was a memorabilia geek and that I collected all things Yzerman.  Again an entirely unexpected and unnecessary, but serves as a great reminder about the time I spent working with a fantastic group of people in an industry I had always dreamed of working in.


A little liquid courage helped convince me it was time to pull the trigger on buying this jersey in a silent auction at a charity event a number of years ago.  I had been setting money aside for just such a purchase, but always hesitated on laying down the cash for it until that night.  This is one of my more treasured collection pieces because it’s something I worked very hard to save the money for.  It also helps that the proceeds benefitted some very deserving kids.


When it comes to cards, this rather obvious one will always be in the group of items at the top of the importance list.  Rookie cards are the staple of any player collection and I enjoy this card and having it in my collection more than almost any other.


With such a wide range of items, each with their own unique attributes, qualities, and distinguishing features, it is really little wonder that I can’t seem to pick any single item that I treasure above all others.

So my questions to you today are as follows: Do you find yourself in a similar situation to me with many items of high importance or do you have that single item in your collection that you treasure more than anything else?  If you have that single item, what is that item and why is it so much more important to you than anything else?  If it’s a list of things, what are they?

Let me know by posting a comment, connecting on Twitter or Facebook, or by emailing me a

Until Sunday, all the best in your collecting pursuits!


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