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February Self-Sufficiency Summary

February 29, 2012

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It’s the last posting day of the month for me, which means it’s time for my regular Self-Sufficiency Summary.  As will always be the case, my intent is to tie these articles back to the goals and objectives I set out for myself at the beginning of the year in the three areas of my personal mega-hobby.

So here you have it, as quick a rundown of my successes and failures over the past month that I could come up with:


  • My 2006-2010 Toronto Blue Jays cards collecting project has not gotten off to a great start.  A failed trade (my items “never arrived” to my trading partner) and spending next to no time looking on eBay or Check Out My Cards means the well was dry on additions to this project in February.
  • I did add more than 80 cards to my other collecting projects though.  The details will be available a week from today in my monthly Project Progress Report/Want List Wednesday article.
  • Some of those cards were added through my first ever order from Check Out My Cards, including a handful of cards that I had no idea existed.
  • Some others were added during my trip to Ottawa to visit my brother this past weekend.
  • I lined up five trades on Sports Card Forum, two of which have been completed.  As I mentioned, one trade from January is officially being considered failed and another appears to be headed toward a similar conclusion.  Pretty discouraging stuff, but mostly offset by the additions I’ve been able to successfully make.
  • I busted a box of 2002-03 Pacific Heads Up and my dad grabbed a box of 1997-98 Donruss Preferred double wide tins on our Ottawa excursion.  I’ll dedicate a couple of articles to the results of those breaks sometime over the next few weeks.
  • Upper Deck’s Customer Service Department responded to my complaint about the terrible break I mentioned last month and I sent in the materials they asked for in order to see if some solution can be found.  Still waiting on a follow-up from their end.


  • Sales in my eBay store rebounded nicely, much of which I attribute to the auctions I had ending every Sunday night of the month.  More of those to come in March.
  • I discovered that returning my eBay Store to its former state will likely be a longer process than I had anticipated. eBay’s Turbo Lister program requires me to include more information in my listings than was previously necessary, which will significantly extend the process of updating my old listings and reaching the 1% milestone that is “Business” goal #2.
  • In addition to the Google AdWords advertisements that I already have running on my website, I signed up for Amazon’s affiliate marketing program and’s affiliate program.  My hope is that these will be able to generate some of that revenue from other sources I mentioned at the beginning of the year.
  • I made very little progress related to enhancing my websitefrom where I was at a month ago, affiliate programs included.  My “Resources” page has yet to be created and my plan for a redesign are no further ahead than they were.  Hopefully an upcoming week of vacation can help rectify the inactivity.
  • I continued to work on my investment project, opening the box of Heads Up, and selling 8 cards for just over $40 either through my eBay Auctions or in my eBay Store.  The project sits at a balance of $216.67 to go along with 21 cards (plus a pile of Heads Up base) in its inventory at the time of this post.
  • I won a 2010 SP Authentic Football Joe Haden Rookie Authentics Autograph Gold Parallel /25 through Upper Deck’s “No Purchase Necessary” sweepstakes.  Having no use for football cards I promptly put it up for auction on eBay and got a tidy $22.50 for it!


  • I wrote about a variety of things this month, including: a pair of Talking Trades posts; the robbery of a local card shop in Chatham; one of my favourite hockey card photos; Upper Deck’s National Hockey Card Day; my recent trip to see my brother in Ottawa; and I inquired about what you felt was your most treasured piece of your collection.  A nice array of topics from my perspective, something the overly rigid posting structure of 2011 would not have allowed for.
  • After many attempts to get it out, I discovered that my eBay Store Monthly Newsletter simply refused to be delivered to my subscribers.  I’ll be giving the February edition a shot tonight (you can subscribe here), but I’m not holding my breath.  Perhaps this is just one more consequence of having my store subscription level downgraded.
  • Traffic to the blog wasn’t quite as heavy as in January, but was successful in my eyes nonetheless.  February ends up as the current bronze medalist for all-time views in a month.

As I expected, February was much like January in its financial self-sufficiency status in that it wasn’t a self-sufficient month at all.

I’ve tried my best to rein in my spending and with my store subscription level likely to be eligible for an upgrade in just a few short weeks, I am confident that a self-sufficient month is not too far off.  The bigger challenge will be making up for lost time and getting myself even close to achieving that goal for the sum total of the year.

As always, I welcome any comments, questions, or inquiries about my pursuit or any of the other topics that I cover here on the blog.

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Until Wednesday’s Want List Wednesday/Project Progress Report Combo post, all the best in your collecting pursuits!


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