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Fighting the Feeling of Falling Behind

March 14, 2012

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Earlier today I took my wife on a trip to a spa a little ways out-of-town for a belated piece of my Valentine’s Day gift to her.  Before anyone out there starts judging me for spending a day at the spa, I have two words for you: brownie points.  They come in handy for the inevitable screw up I have in store sometime in the (likely not too distant) future.

Not only that, but I have to admit it was pretty relaxing; a perfect time to think, reflect, and plan.

As I was sitting in one of the various areas the place had for guests to relax away the day while reading the Future Watch edition of The Hockey News, naturally my thoughts started to turn to my hobby.

I started thinking about how today is Wednesday and that I have a blog article to post when I get home. 

I also started thinking about how I barely had any idea of what I wanted to write about, let alone having anything in draft form to work from when I got home.

That led to thinking about how this seems to be a common occurrence with my blog as of late.

That then led to realizing that my blog isn’t the only thing that I feel like I’ve been lagging behind on…pretty much everything about my hobby feels like as though it’s behind the pace it needs to be!

The piles of paper needing to be filed seem endless. 

There’s dozens of blog articles in my RSS feed that need reading. 

I still haven’t wrapped up my hobby-related bookkeeping for 2011, let alone getting started on 2012. 

I am way farther behind on updating the old eBay listings than I had ever expected to be. 

I find myself scrambling to put together blog articles in time to get them posted on the scheduled I have stuck to so diligently through 140 posts as of tonight.

This sort of situation seems to rear its head at me every single year as the NHL season winds down, though it’s usually in the summer months.  But with training to do up to four triathlons this summer, wanting to spend more time with my wife working on our house when the weather is as good as we’ve been experiencing, and an absolute onslaught of commitments to friends and family on the horizon, those things aren’t about to change anytime soon.

So starting first thing tomorrow I am going to make a plan for how I want to approach things moving forward:

  • I’ll do the math on how I can get the listings updated so I can get my store back to its former state as soon as possible. 
  • I’ll purge my RSS feed and start from scratch on keeping up with them on a schedule that I can actually stick to (no offense intended to my fellow bloggers, I’m sure the articles are worth reading, I just can’t possibly get through the pile at this point!).
  • I’ll get a list of topics for future blog posts down and get to work on jot note drafts of each.
  • I’ll figure out how to get the books up to date as soon as possible without sacrificing any other areas that need attention.
  • I’ll file all the papers shortly thereafter.

As I usually find, making small increments of progress on the array of projects I have on the go will likely to take the place of trying to rush to get caught up on everything all at once.

Slow, yet steady. 

That will be the best way to keep myself moving in the right direction towards a financially self-sufficient hobby.

I just hope that today’s realization is the only one I have on this front for 2012.


If you have any suggestions on strategies I can use to get things back on the rails, please be sure to let me know.  Email me at, connect on Facebook and Twitter, or post a comment to share your perspective.

Until Sunday, all the best in your collecting pursuits!


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