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Some Foolishness For Your Enjoyment

April 1, 2012

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While the basis of today’s article didn’t technically take place in April, let alone on April Fool’s Day specifically, when someone provides me with a perfect example of making themselves look foolish less than a week before this very fitting day, then I feel it is only appropriate to dedicate an April Fool’s Day post to their actions!


A few weeks ago I posted an article about a less than positive experience I was having with a self-proclaimed error-prone seller on eBay.  I won’t go into the details about the story today, but you can read it at the following link if you’re so inclined:

How to Lose a Customer Forever on eBay

I didn’t expect to have anything further to discuss on the subject of poor customer service as it relates to this specific seller, but hilarity has since ensued and I feel the need to share.

As I indicated in that article, I wasn’t holding out much hope that the item in question would ever arrive, but much to my surprise the card was actually in my mail box just a couple of days after I had vented my frustrations.

For the next few days I bounced back and forth between whether I should leave negative or neutral feedback for the seller since the entire experience was anything but positive.

I rarely post either of those types of feedback since I know the how significant the consequences of receiving such a comment can be, so for me to even be considering doing just that should illustrate just how frustrated this seller made me with their failure to deliver on their commitments in a timely manner.

In the end I decided to leave a neutral rating since the card actually did arrive to become a part of my collection, but I used the comment section to emphasize my disappointment in the process and note that negative feedback had been strongly considered.

I posted the comment and went on my way, not really thinking any more about it until the other day when I was reviewing some of the feedback I have received recently from customers and vendors alike.

Among the many recent comments I received was one from a familiar user name; the very seller who I had sworn I’d never deal with again in my March 18th article.

What I saw made me burst out laughing.  The following was the seller’s ‘retribution’ for the well-justified comment I had left them.

That’s right.  The seller left me positive feedback and told me to “have fun being blocked!”

Wow! This person sure has shown me haven’t they? 

What better way to pay me back for my justifiable leaving of neutral feedback than to ensure that I can never buy another item from them (which I wasn’t going to anyways) while also penalizing me in the process (or rewarding me for it in this case!).

I really don’t think there is a more foolish way for the seller to have handled this situation.

If I were in this person’s shoes I would have been doing everything in my power to ensure that I kept my paying customers despite making (many) errors (something the seller admitted to me in a message that they do with regularity).  I would certainly not be taking a childish stand and pushing them away forever.

Even if I weren’t interested in keeping the customer, I wouldn’t be allowing them to increase their own standing in eBay’s feedback system by rewarding them with a positive comment!

This basically became the ultimate win-win-win for me. 

I still got my card, will never have to deal with this person again, and built upon my flawless feedback record on eBay in the process!

This will likely be the last I ever hear of or from this seller, but I’m glad I got to share it with you and couldn’t be any happier about the timing involved. 

An article about foolishness on a day dedicated to exactly such a topic!


Am I wrong in my assessment of this seller’s inexplicable course of action or does it seem as foolish to you as it does to me?  Do you have any similarly questionable examples of ‘retribution’?

Let me know by posting a comment, emailing me at or connecting on Facebook and Twitter.

Until Wednesday, all the best in your collecting pursuits!


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