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Talking Trades: Done Deals!

April 8, 2012

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One of my major goals and objectives from a collecting perspective for 2012 was to make sure that I reengaged myself in the trading aspect of the hobby by completing a minimum of one trade per month.

About six weeks ago I posted an article highlighting one of my recently completed trades, but since that time I have not gone in to too much detail about my rediscovered trading experiences.

Since that last Talking Trades post I have actually finalized six more deals over on the Sports Card Forum boards, easily outpacing my one trade per month quota.

As I have mentioned before, the decision to get back in to trading on a quasi-regular basis was not done without some trepidation. 

I had some serious concerns about my ability to dedicate the time necessary to make is a worthwhile endeavour, to go along with some further worry about whether the interactions with my fellow collectors would be as positive as I wanted them to be.

Bad experiences in the past were definitely a catalyst for me cutting trading out of my hobby arsenal for a while and while not every interaction this time around has been fruitful or a constructive use of my time.

I wrote about some of the issues surrounding those less productive interactions back in February, and to be perfectly honest, lately I have been guilty of a few of the very things I was complaining about myself. 

Notwithstanding those types of slip-ups (my own and those of others), on the whole I have been enjoying my return to the trading foray.

I am finding that the trading process provides much more personal dealings with fellow collectors than being an eBay seller does, something that I have really enjoyed engaging in.

Most importantly though, my latest trading experiences have allowed me to make some pretty significant progress in eliminating cards from my various want lists.

From the six trades I have wrapped up since my last Talking Trades article, I have managed to eliminate a whopping 131 cards from my lists, with a significant majority (120 in total) of those coming in the form of cards from the various base sets I am working on completing.

A further 10 cards were added to my 2006-2010 Toronto Blue Jays collection, with a single addition being made to my player collections in the form of a Joe Thornton Vanguard jersey card from 2002-03.

The best part is that for the most part I have been moving out excess singles that I have boxed away in exchange for the cards I’ve been bringing in, only twice dealing away cards that would otherwise have been put up for sale in my eBay Store.

I have three more deals in the works that I expect to wrap up over the coming week or so, which will mean another 67 cards will be removed from my lists very shortly.

With the kind of progress trading has provided me over the first quarter of the year, this is certainly a piece of the collecting puzzle that will need to remain high on my priority list moving forward.


Do you actively trade on online message boards?  If so, is there anywhere else I should be exploring my trading options?  Do you find the process to be a good use of your hobby-related time? 

Let me know by posting a comment, emailing me at, or getting in touch on Facebook and Twitter.

Until Wednesday, all the best in your collecting pursuits!


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