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My 1,000th eBay Store Sale!

April 11, 2012

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Just over a month ago I posted an article about how I had fallen (inexcusably) behind on a number of the extended things involved with my hobby.

Among the list of tasks that needed attention was to get caught up on the bookkeeping end of things.

It’s rather tough to tell if I’m any closer to my achieving my goal of a financially self-sufficient hobby when the system I use to monitor that progress isn’t being kept up to date.

At the time I wrote that article I had roughly five months worth of records to input into the software program I use for my hobby-related bookkeeping, a pile of paperwork that was growing with every unattended sale or purchase that I was making.

Thankfully posting that article really seemed to light a fire under my butt and the list of things to get caught up on has been gradually dwindling down ever since.

Among the tasks I’ve made progress on is bringing my books completely up to date.  By taking the baby steps approach of chipping away at the piles of sales records and expense receipts little by little during my lunch hours at work, I managed to get myself completely up to speed on my records early last week.

While doing so, I noticed an interesting bit of information being displayed in the software program that I use to keep my hobby-related financial records: I was inching ever-closer to recording my 1,000th sale in my eBay Store since seriously embarking on my pursuit of a financially self-sufficient hobby at the beginning of 2010.

By the time I had got the records up to date, the total sales tally was in the 990’s, leaving me just a handful of sales from a nice round milestone.  

This past weekend I had a number of auctions end on eBay and with the payments now coming in I officially surpassed that milestone on Sunday evening!

As I mentioned, I only began seriously pursuing a self-sufficient hobby just over 27 months ago.  Given that the eBay sales piece of my personal mega-hobby is something that I do on a very part-time basis, 1,000 sales in that period of time for something that I feel pretty proud of accomplishing.

So to ndrock1972, thanks for being that special #1,000 for me!  Hopefully the next thousand sales will come even faster than the first set did!


Are you a part-time online seller (sports collectibles or otherwise)?  Have you achieved a level of success that you’re particularly proud of?  What strategies have you used to be successful?

Share your experiences with me by posting a comment, emailing me at, or getting in touch on Facebook and Twitter.

Until Sunday, all the best in your collecting pursuits!


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