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Cardboard Beauties: 2005-06 Upper Deck MVP Monumental Moments Steve Yzerman

April 15, 2012

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The 2012 NHL playoffs are now in full swing, which means a few things for me: the Toronto Spring Sports Card and Memorabilia Expo can’t be far away, I’m likely suffering from some sleep deprivation, and I’m hoping for another successful run at the Stanley Cup by my beloved Detroit Red Wings.

I’ve been fortunate enough to watch the Wings win hockey’s Holy Grail on four occasions in my lifetime (1997, 1998, 2002, and 2008). 

Of those for championships, my all-time favourite player Steve Yzerman was the first player to hoist the Cup as Detroit’s Captain, a scene I never tire of reminiscing about.

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And reminisce about one of those is exactly what I’ll be doing in today’s article with the second installment of Cardboard Beauties, a series in which I feature some of my favourite hockey cards and the photos featured on them.

Over my 20 or so years of collecting Steve Yzerman cards I don’t recall very many instances of him being pictured while holding the cup high above his head.

Granted, the first seven years of my Yzerman collecting didn’t even present the opportunity for that to occur, but in the years that did follow the Red Wings’ championships I still can’t remember coming across many, if any, examples.

So when I found his 2005-06 Upper Deck MVP Monumental Moments insert while organizing cards for my eBay Store recently (I got the extra copy in a lot I bought), I was immediately drawn to it.

The card features a great shot of Yzerman raising Lord Stanley’s mug high above his head for the third and final time following the Red Wings’ 2002 championship.

Just looking at this card sends chills down my spine. 

Yzerman’s 2002 playoff performance was the kind of thing that legends are made of.  Playing on a knee that was all but obliterated (he had realignment surgery that off-season), Yzerman’s leadership and skill were on full display as he played through the pain and racked up 23 points in 23 games in leading the Wings to the Cup.

The photo on this card perfectly captures the feeling that every bit of the dedication, pain, and sacrifice were worth it.

Not only is the photo a great shot, but unlike the Vladimir Konstantinov card that I featured in the first article in this series, I actually do like the design of this card as well.

The scroll at the bottom of the photo and the silver design accents on the sides and bottom add to the plaque look of the gold foil that emphasizes the importance of the achievement.

If I have one complaint about the card it’s the fact that you can’t see the entire Stanley Cup trophy, yet almost his entire jersey below the logo is still in the shot. By slightly adjusting where the photo was cropped Upper Deck could have made a great looking card that much more appealing.

Even still, I absolutely love this card.  A fantastic shot of one of the greatest players of all-time in one of the greatest poses a hockey fan could ever want to see their favourite player.


Are there any more classic poses in sports than a player raising the Stanley Cup?  Do you know of any other examples of Yzerman cards in which he’s raising the cup that I seem to be forgetting?  What is your favourite Stanley Cup related photo?

Shoot me an email at, connect on Facebook and Twitter, or just post a comment below and let me know.

Until Wednesday, all the best in your collecting pursuits!


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