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A Big Day Awaits Me on eBay!

April 18, 2012

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It was just last week that I was sharing the fact that I had hit 1,000 sales through my eBay Store.

To finish off that article I said “Hopefully the next thousand sales will come even faster than the first set did!”.

Well the first step towards making that happen could be just a couple of days away for me.

On Saturday or Sunday eBay will conduct my monthly review of my performance as a seller versus their standards rating scale.  Unless my math is WAY off, I fully expect that after nearly 10 long months of being backed into a corner by the unjustified opinions of unrealistic customers, my review will meet the minimum annual criteria and I will finally be able to get things back to the form of operation that had been bringing me so much success before July 1st of last year.

This day has been a long time coming and the time that has gone by has not been without a significant amount of frustration expressed toward eBay on my part.

Perhaps it’s the stubbornness in me that simply didn’t allow me to let this to be a death knell for something I enjoy doing so much.  Operating an eBay Store is fun for me.  No amount of pain that is only short-term will deter me from continuing to operate it.

This weekend’s anticipated positive result will be a huge step for me in terms of making progress toward my goal of a self-sufficient hobby. 

I can finally list thousands of items again instead of mere hundreds.  I can finally qualify for special offers when it comes to free auction listings.  I might just even meet my target of a 10% increase in both sales volume and revenue by the end of the year.

This entire process has taught me a number of important lessons that will help keep me on track as I move forward.

I’ve learned to communicate better with my customers.  I’ve learned the necessity of restraint in my spending.  I’ve learned to better explore potential solutions to problems rather than just complain about them.

Over the long run, maybe it was a good thing to go through this mess.

In the end though, all I can say is that I am extremely excited to get things back to normal and about what’s to come as I pursue my ultimate goal for my personal mega-hobby!

Until Sunday, all the best in your collecting pursuits!


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