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Yet Another Round of eBay Related Disappointment

April 22, 2012

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Well, the results of my monthly eBay Seller Performance Report are in and given the title of the article I’m sure that you can surmise what the result was for me.

In spite of the fact that I was all but certain that I would finally be getting back to business as it had been pre-July 1, that reality will have to wait another month.

The reason for this latest round of disappointment?

Apparently I have come across yet another buyer from the US who has unrealistic expectations and used their flawed opinions about what I charge for shipping to leave me a rating of 1 or 2 in the “Shipping and handling charges” section of eBay’s flawed Detailed Seller Ratings system.

In order to meet eBay’s minimum standards related specifically to sales to USA-based customers, a seller is only allowed to have a maximum amount of three 1 or 2 ratings and those ratings cannot exceed 2% of my total sales to those customers.

This single rating that I received late in March bumped the total number of such ratings that I have received between April 1, 2011 and March 31, 2012 to four, one more than the allowable maximum count of three.  What’s worse is that the single misguided rating left my percentage at 2.22%, just a hair above my target number.

If not for this single low rating – the first of which I have received in nearly a year – I would be busy posting items to eBay right now instead of just continuing with my updating of my old listings for another month.

In a truly bizarre twist, I am actually once again considered a “Top Rated Seller” based on the website’s Global standards program after this latest assessment, but the inexplicably higher standards eBay requires for sales to US customers will continue to cause me problems for another month.

To be perfectly honest I can’t say that I was overly angry or frustrated when I saw the report’s contents.  Disappointed for sure, but when you’ve spent as long as I have getting by with restrictions being forced upon you, another month of it doesn’t seem all that bad.

In fact I’m treating this as yet another lesson learned.  In a moment of rather blatant stupidity on my part, I was actually basing my article from Wednesday on an assessment period of May 1, 2011 to April 30, 2012, which clearly wouldn’t even be possible given the date of the report being issued.  I now know to more carefully inspect what timeframe I am actually being assessed for.

I am also now even more in tune with the math behind how the ratings are arrived at and know exactly how I need to approach any further potential lowering of my status on the site.

Barring any catastrophic level of 1 or 2 ratings being left by my US customers this month I should be in the clear again in May.  After yet another disappointing surprise though, I’m trying not to get too far ahead of myself this time around.  We shall see what the future will bring.

Until Wednesday, all the best in your collecting pursuits!


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