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Back In Business!

May 27, 2012

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This time last month I was lamenting the fact that I had still not achieved the results necessary to end my temporary subscription downgrade for my eBay store.

I had expected the wait to be over back then, but an error in my own calculations, coupled with the unrealistic expectations of a single customer, meant that I would have to wait at least another month before I could return things to normal.

Well the wait is finally over!

After nearly 11 long months of painstakingly waiting for the flawed opinions of a select few buyers to work their way through the system, my monthly eBay Seller Performance Report came through while I was away in Myrtle Beach partaking in the bachelor party of one of my best friends last weekend.

In that report were seller performance ratings that were “Top Rated” across the board in all geographic areas, thereby lifting the restrictions eBay had placed on me back on July 1st of last year.

So first thing this morning I headed down to the computer and clicked the various buttons and links that allowed me to upgrade my store subscription back to Premium from Basic (could have done this back on Wednesday when I got home, but I desperately needed to catch up on sleep).

Later tonight I will start uploading the hundreds of items I have been updating in the past few months, getting my store inventory back to the levels I am used to (i.e. in the thousands versus less than 200) and hopefully increasing my sales in the process (it’s been a miserable month for those).

There’s still hundreds to go before I can get things back to the levels they used to be at, then a couple thousand more after that before I accomplish “Business” Goal #2 for 2012, but I really feel like today is the turning point I’ve been waiting for to accomplish my overarching goal of a financially self-sufficient hobby.

Hopefully the next bump in the road will be smaller than this one was, but after being able to have my store survive these past 11 months, I feel like there’s very few things that could throw me off the rails in pursuit of my goals.

I’ve weathered the storm, made it out without incurring too much damage, and will use the entire experience as an invaluable learning opportunity for what I face moving forward.

Until Wednesday, all the best in your collecting pursuits!


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