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May Self-Sufficiency Summary

May 30, 2012

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In last month’s Self-Sufficiency Summary article I finally had some financial self-sufficiency to report on.  A significant bit of success in pursuit of my overarching goal of a completely self-sufficient hobby to be sure, but a scenario that proved to be short-lived.

Just as I predicted in that same article, May turned out to be a drastically different story than the one told at the end of April.

Knowing that May was very likely to be the month that I would be able to get My eBay Store back to the state that it had once been, I chose to focus my efforts on prepping as many items as possible for listing as soon as possible after that day came.

The downfall of this approach is that I dedicated absolutely no time to the eBay auctions that had proven to be so successful for me in terms of generating income back in April.

Couple that with my extremely low inventory of items in my store and the first of my two annual major spending sprees taking place at the Toronto Spring Sports Card and Memorabilia Expo and I had a recipe for a horrendous month financially for my hobby.

As was the case last month though, on the whole I feel like things continue to move in the right direction when it comes to doing what I need to do to achieve that financial self-sufficiency goal for my hobby.

Speaking of moving in the right direction, here’s a look at my progress towards achieving the 15 goals and objectives I have set for myself for 2012:


  • Easily my most successful month to date on my 2006-2010 Toronto Blue Jays project as I added 35 cards at the Expo for a very minimal cost.
  • I removed 89 cards from my non-player specific want lists, many of which were picked up at the Expo, along with a handful through a couple of completed trades on the Sports Card Forum boards.  I finished off 5 sets in the process too!
  • 53 cards were added to my various player collections, with a number of them meeting the “more than 10 years old criteria” necessary to achieve Collecting Goal #3 (1 Roenick, 3 Samsonovs, 2 Thorntons, 2 Yzermans). I’m going to need to focus more time on this goal if I plan to achieve my objective of adding 25 cards that fit this bill to each of my player collections in 2012.
  • I didn’t do much of anything when it comes purging my collection of duplication since I didn’t sell or trade much of anything this month.
  • Two more trades were completed, running my streak to five straight months with a deal getting done.


  • With the restrictions on my eBay Store finally being lifted I can now aggressively pursue my goal of a 10% increase in revenue and volume of items sold. Not sure if I’ll make it all the way there, but I’m moving in the right direction for sure.  In fact, cards are literally selling as I write this monthly recap, so that can only be a good sign!
  • I have started the process of uploading the couple-thousand items I’ve been updating listings for over the past few months, again moving in the right directions toward achieving “Business” Goal #3.  Still a long way to go though.
  • Once again the alternate sources of income goal had little progress made on it, but I do have a few things in mind to help augment where I’m bringing money in from.  Still lots of time left in 2012 to make some headway here.
  • I picked up a slew of cards for my investment project at the Toronto Expo, all of which will be headed for the auction block or for listing in my eBay Store in the coming days.  A single card from the inventory sold as well (got $5 for something I paid $0.99 for), leaving the inventory at 153 cards and the account with roughly $115 available to spend.


  • Aside from a couple of lengthy posts here on the blog (this one included), once again I feel as though I’m continuing to improve when it comes to shortening up my articles compared to what they were like in 2011, but I acknowledge that there’s still a need for further refinement.
  • I was able to spread out the topics of my articles a little bit better in May than I did in April.  Of course there were a couple about my experiences with eBay in there, but I also reviewed a few products that I purchased, gave my thoughts on the Toronto Expo, and gave a shout out to my mom on Mothers’ Day for the role she’s played in my hobby experiences.
  • Reader engagement is still lower than I’d like it to be (though a handful of comments did come in this month), but it’s not for lack of trying on my part.  Providing useful resources and asking questions of readers has been and will continue to be a priority for me to include in my articles.

And with that another month draws to a close here on the blog.

If you have any feedback to send my way I’d be happy to hear it.  Leave a comment, connect on Facebook and Twitter, or email me at and let me know what you think of what I’m writing about.

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Until Sunday, all the best in your collecting pursuits!


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