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How Do You Deal With the One Card, Two Collections Dilemma?

June 10, 2012

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On Wednesday I posted my monthly Want List Wednesday/Project Progress Report Combo article in which I highlighted all of the items I was able to add to my collections over the preceding month or so.

The featured image in that article was a 2010-11 The Cup Trios Jersey /25 of Joe Sakic, Steve Yzerman, and Mario Lemieux.

For those of you who have followed my blog long enough, you’ll know that Lemieux and Yzerman are both players that my dad, my brother and I collect.

Paul over at Card Boarded asked his readers back in January whether or not they felt it was necessary to have two copies of the same card for two separate collections or if the one copy could cover off both collections at the same time.

The consensus from the comments section was that two copies were the way to go, a principle that we’ve followed over our many years of collecting.

Acquiring this card at the Toronto Spring Expo presented me with a dilemma that I regularly seem to face; this one card was still needed for both collections.

While Paul’s article addressed the multiple copies issue, it didn’t really get into the question that I have for you today:

If you need one copy for each collection, how do you decide which collection the first copy goes in to?

The two most common situations we tend to run into are Yzerman and Lemieux pairings, along with Samsonov and Thronton double-features from back in their Boston days.

In the case of cards that feature Yzerman and Lemieux we tend to put it into the Lemieux collection largely because we seem to acquire Yzerman items much more frequently than Lemieuxs these days.  It’s nice to be able to shore up another collection while also having something to show my brother of his favourite player from when he was a kid (his involvement in the hobby is fairly limited these days, but he does still enjoy hearing how his Lemieux collection is coming along).

When it comes to cards that feature Samsonov and Thornton (a much more common situation we face), the card goes straight into the Thornton collection.  This is due in large part to the fact that Thornton has maintained his collectability and career to a much more significant degree than Samsonov did, coupled with the fact that our Thornton collection is substantially more extensive and impressive than our Samsonov collection is.

While the above forms at least a part of my own rationale for prioritizing cards that fall under the one card, two collections scenario, I want to know how you make those types of decisions.

Let me know how you go about making that decision by posting a comment, emailing me at or by connecting on Facebook and Twitter.

Until Wednesday, all the best in your collecting pursuits!


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