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These Are My Views: A Rant About Some Problem-Buyers and eBay Not Protecting Sellers

June 17, 2012

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Just over a year ago I started making a concerted effort to keep this blog focussed on the positive aspects of my experiences in the hobby after posting a bit of a rant about an Upper Deck insert set that I simply couldn’t comprehend why the company would bother to produce that I almost immediately regretted dedicating a post to.

For the most part I feel as though I have lived up to that objective.

But every now and then I get to the point that my frustrations need to be let out and today is one of those days.

On Wednesday I posted an article about the massive (in my books) success that I had in flipping items that I bought at the Toronto Spring Expo for a profit in my latest round of eBay auctions.

Well those numbers can now be lowered – albeit only slightly – because of the actions of a pair of deadbeat bidders.

Since eBay apparently has no desire to give sellers an opportunity to out these people publicly and protect one another from further abuse, I’m using today’s post to do just that. 

If you’re an eBay seller and user ID’s are jarda1989 and ralfie6662012 (who also goes by the user ID william1947only and was a deadbeat to me with that account too) are bidding on your items, consider yourself warned.

Following the end of last Sunday’s round of auctions I emailed invoices to all winning bidders with the amounts they owed, a group that these two were a part of.

Within hours jarda1989 emailed the following message: “I have to cancel our bussines with two nice inserts. Because the main card was Victory Black Mike Modano and this one I didn’t won.”

ralfie6662012 responded to my invoice the next day with “my mistake, please cancel”.

Last I checked, when you place a bid on an item on eBay you are committing to buy that item should you end up as the winning bidder.

Basically, each buyer simply decided to change their minds about their purchase after making that commitment, leaving me short the associated revenue and, as you’ll see in a moment, eBay not overly interested in leaving them with any sort of blemish on their record.

Ironically, the item jarda1989 wanted to win but didn’t is the very same Mike Modano Victory Black card that ralfie6662012 ended up reneging on.  If he had waited just a day to pull out of his deal the card could be his and this entire thing could be a moot point for everyone but ralfie662012/william1947only.

Of course I immediately filed non-paying bidder complaints with eBay and cancelled the transactions so that I could recover the final value fees I’d been charged.

I followed that up by reporting the buyers to eBay for what I presumed would be further action against the buyers on their part.

It turns out that I was only partially correct.

eBay emailed me about my complaint against jarda1989 and asked me to give them a call to discuss things further.

I figured this call would be a positive thing, allowing me to provide them with more information and emphasize why this sort of behaviour on the part of buyers cannot be allowed to happen.

At first very little of that happened.

What I got during my phone call earlier today was a customer service representative doing her very best to stick to the corporate script and try to convince me why buyers should have free rein to do whatever they please.

After repeating my concerns and frustrations literally four separate times in response to her various attempts at assuring me that everything worked out positively for all involved (not sure how that is when I’m short the sales revenue), I finally got her to admit that I had some very valid points about the fact that eBay does very little to support and/or protect the very sellers who provide the company with its income.

eBay has removed the ability for sellers to leave anything but positive feedback, eliminating our ability to rid the marketplace of people who waste our time and money. 

To see the lengths some sellers have to go to in order to communicate to other sellers that a buyer is a deadbeat, just check out some of the feedback on the william1947only account

Sellers are forced to leave positive feedback to tell the world this guy won’t pay or communicate!  There’s no other option for us than to reward this person by increasing his feedback rating while trying to get the word out about him!  It’s ridiculous!

After having to put my “business” on a near-complete hiatus for almost a year because of the ill-informed opinions of a select few buyers, seeing yet another example of what those buyers can get away with and subsequently listening to an eBay representative react as if it were no problem at all was simply too frustrating not to go on a rant about.

Thankfully the customer service representative finally caved and allowed formal complaints about these buyers to be filed, but only after I explained in detail (and refused to let go of the fact) that ralfie6662012 is william1947only, that this person is using (at least) two accounts to avoid completing transactions when he simply doesn’t feel like it, and that letting this sort of thing go will only see more buyers employ these tactics to get out of agreements they entered into by placing a bid. 

She also guided me through how to prevent bidders with open unpaid item claims from bidding on my auctions, something I did not know I could do and am truly appreciative of her helping me with.

I can only hope that these two buyers are that much closer to being banned from eBay permanently.  Otherwise, all of this frustration will be for nothing and another seller will be put through the same pointless frustration that I just endured.


Are you an eBay seller that has had similar experiences with deadbeat buyers?  What about with these two buyers specifically?  What do you think should happen to people who do this on eBay?  Am I overreacting with the level of frustration I’ve outlined above or am I justified in being upset at these two people and eBay for its inaction?

Post a comment, send me an email at, or connect with me on Facebook and/or Twitter and let me know your thoughts on the matter.

Until Wednesday, all the best in your collecting pursuits!


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