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Reflecting on Collecting: A Belated Happy Fathers’ Day Post

June 20, 2012

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It only took me a few hours to realize it, but I completely dropped the ball here on the blog on Sunday.

No, it’s not that I regret getting away from focussing on the positive aspects of my hobby by calling out a couple of problem buyers, nor is it that I repeatedly referred to them as deadbeats.

eBay buyers who pull that kind of stuff on sellers need to be removed from the marketplace.  Since eBay itself no longer offers us a way to identify and warn others about them on its own site, I was more than willing to do so through the means I had available to me.

What I dropped the ball on occurred to me shortly after I posted that article and called my dad to wish him a happy Fathers’ day. 

In the middle of our conversation I clued in to the fact that I had prepared an article specifically for that day similar to the post I dedicated to my mom on Mothers’ Day.

Though it may not be exactly on Father’s Day as I had intended, I figure that late is always better than never.

Just as is the case with my mom, there are countless things that my dad deserves recognition and credit for in my life.  But just as I did back in May, I want to focus on what he has meant to my involvement in a hobby that has become such a major focus of my daily life.

Quite simply, if it weren’t for my dad this personal mega-hobby of mine likely wouldn’t be a reality for me.

It was he who introduced my brother and me to collecting cards more than 20 years ago and since that time he has invested massive amounts of his time, effort, and money into pursuing the collections that we decided to focus on.

Collecting hockey cards and memorabilia has evolved into a lifelong connection between my dad and I; a common interest, frequent topic of conversation, and activity in which we are regularly able to enjoy each other’s company.

Spawned from this passion for collecting has been my From my passion for collecting have been both my hobby-“business” and this very blog, two other passions of mine that I’m not sure would exist as they currently do if not for my dad introducing me to collecting.

I really and truly cannot imagine being involved in this hobby without my dad right alongside of me.  Sure it’s fun for me personally, but going through it every step of the way in tandem with him has made it that much more entertaining for me.

So while I’m disappointed that I momentarily lost sight of things much more important than venting some frustrations, I hope that today’s post help to at least partially make up for my oversight.

Happy (belated) Father’s Day, dad!


What role did/does your dad play in your hobby?  Did he introduce it to you as mine did?  Do you collect in tandem with your dad?

Let me know by posting a comment, sending me an email at, or connecting with me and other collectors on Facebook and Twitter.

Until Sunday, all the best in your collecting pursuits!


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