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Talking Trades: Adjusting My Approach to Making Deals

June 24, 2012

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At the outset of the year one of the five collecting related goals that I set for myself for 2012 was to get myself back into trading and complete at least one deal per month.

With the completion of my latest trade earlier this week I have now been successful in achieving that goal for each of the first six months of the year.

From January through April I had a pretty decent amount of success in easily getting trades made by posting and regularly updating a thread on the Sports Card Forum boards that contained my most up to date want lists.

A weekly bumping of the thread to the top of the list of posts generated some discussions with other members on almost every single occasion, leading to a number of trades getting completed.

It was a fairly passive way of tracking down cards that I wanted and/or needed and made the amount of time and effort that I was having to put into achieving this specific collecting goal fairly limited.

As the year moved in to May and my want lists became smaller as a result of making deals and buying cards on eBay, I started to notice that I wasn’t getting nearly as many responses to these updates though.  By the time June began I was feeling fortunate to get any sort of response at all.

As the responses to my updates became less and less frequent I realized that I would need to make some changes to how I was approaching my trading activities.

First and foremost, I have gotten away from relying solely on a passive approach to finding potential trading partners.  Every morning I do a quick scan of the most recent posts to see what people are looking for and what they have to offer.

I have also started posting smaller, more specific want lists that deal with only a single piece of the larger want list thread that I continue to update on a regular basis.  This approach allows me to identify specific products right in the title of the thread instead of using the blanket “Updated Want List” title that doesn’t provide fellow users with any sort of indication about what the post contains.

These changes haven’t resulted in any sort of substantial increase in trades getting completed, but they have been absolutely essential in allowing me to stay on track in achieving my one trade per month goal.

The amount of time I invest in my trading activities continues to pale in comparison to the amount I put into my eBay store, but I can foresee a time that I will be putting a lot more effort into it than I currently do.

I have thoroughly enjoyed getting back into the world of trading and the affordability it provides in allowing me to build my collection definitely makes it an attractive option moving forward.


If you’re a trader, do you use a passive approach as I had been or are you more active in tracking down deals?  Do you have any suggestions for how I can further enhance my ability to get deals done?

Get in touch by posting a comment, sending me an email at, or connecting with me on Facebook and/or Twitter.

Until Wednesday, all the best in your collecting pursuits!


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