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A Forgotten Facet of My Masterpieces Master Set Project

July 1, 2012

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Anyone who has read this blog for any length of time likely knows about my obsession with the 2008-09 Upper Deck Legends Masterpieces product (although I Am Joe Collector certainly makes that ‘obsession’ seem non-existent in comparison to his own love for all things Masterpieces).

It all started out a few Toronto Expo shows ago when I picked up a couple of retail boxes of the product at the end of my time at the show for no other reason than I had some money left and the boxes were available really cheap. 

As soon as I started opening those two boxes I was hooked.

The canvas-like texture of the cards.  The (generally) great looking artwork used in instead of photos. The matted, framed parallels, jersey cards, and autographed cards.  The outstanding (albeit redundant at times) selection of players and moments in hockey history.

Since those first two boxes I’ve probably gone a little bit overboard with the countless boxes and packs that I’ve bought and opened, but I just can’t help myself.  I’m now sitting on a bunch of extra complete base sets that I’ll one day attempt to sell to go along with hundreds of duplicate singles in need of a new home.

Somehow, through all of the buying, selling, and trading of this product that I’ve done though, I managed to almost entirely overlook a fairly major piece that I should have been taking into account.

That piece is the 5×7 cards that were inserted as box-toppers in every hobby box of the product.

The regular 5×7’s come with a blue frame/border, while an autographed parallel version features a red border.

I actually do have eight of the blue border cards in my possession; one that I got in the only hobby box I have opened and the other seven that I bought as a lot early on in the process of working on this project.

But it wasn’t until the other day when I was organizing one of the many yet to be unpacked boxes from the move into my house from more than a year ago that I came across them. 

Once that happened I realized that I had not only been making no effort to track down any that I need, but that I had forgotten about their existence entirely.

Finding these cards also made me realize that for as much as I enjoy the regular cards and the various parallel variations, I may actually enjoy the large ones even more so.  They’re simply stunning looking cards.

My next Want List Wednesday/Project Progress Report Combo article will be posted in a couple of days and for the first time these cards will be forgotten no more; a complete listing of everything I need from both the regular and autographed sets will be included.

While the addition to the want list puts the project a little further out of reach than it had been just a few days ago, this will turn out to be an added piece that will only serve to enhance what should one day end up being a pretty impressive collection.


If you happen to have any of the Masterpieces 5×7’s that you’re willing to part with or you’re in want/need of any of my extra base sets or singles then please feel free to get in touch and hopefully we can work out a deal. 

Send me an email at, leave a comment in this post, or connect with me on Facebook and/or Twitter.

Also, I just wanted to wish any Canadian readers out there a very happy Canada Day today.  Hope you’re enjoying the long weekend as much as I have been!

Until Wednesday, all the best in your collecting pursuits!


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