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eBay Set To Offer Up More Than 4 Months of Free Listings!

August 12, 2012

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Remember that article I posted less than a month ago about not jumping on board with free listing promotions on eBay?  Well from August 19th through to the end of 2012 I’m going to be ignoring that stance.

Why the quick change in opinion?  When you find out that eBay will be offering free listings in the “Sports Mem, Card and Fan Shop” category for the rest of the year it’s kind of difficult not to have a bit of a change of heart!

I discovered this information through a post on the Sports Collectors Daily blog earlier this week (it pays to keep resources handy and check them regularly!) and it was definitely exciting news for someone who lists literally thousands of items on the site.

While it goes against the non-participation-in-listing-promotions approach I usually take, the reality I really have no choice but to ignore my “don’t list during listing promotions” mindset. 

When I set my Goals and Objectives for 2012, “Business” Goal #2 was to have my hockey card listings account for 1% of all of the items appearing in that category.

Unless I can find a way to list more than 4,000 items to go along with the 2,100+ I currently have in my eBay Store inventory by next Sunday I won’t be able to mark that goal complete without taking part in the promotion.

Truth be told, that number is likely going to be significantly higher than the 6,100 or so cards that the current numbers dictate I would need to have listed.  

I fully expect a large number of sellers to take advantage of the promotion, which will likely saturate the market a fair bit.  It may also push the figure that represents that 1% of items in the category beyond my reach.

The fact that I will be saving literally hundreds of dollars in listing fees more than makes up for those issues though and it may also allow me to build my collection more quickly and affordably than was previously possible.

We’ll see how this whole thing plays out over the next few months, but my expectation is that it will only serve to have a positive impact on my collection and on my pursuit of a financially self-sufficient hobby.

For now it’s time to get back to prepping items to be listed beginning a week from today.

Until Wednesday, all the best in your collecting pursuits!


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