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Reflecting on Collecting: 2 Great Years and Counting

August 22, 2012

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It’s hard for me to believe, but as of yesterday another year has already come and gone since the biggest day of my life thus far.  That day was my wedding day.

Throughout the time that I’ve been reading sports collectibles blogs (and then eventually writing one myself) I often see the role of the ‘significant other’ pop up on a fairly regular basis.

Some of those significant others don’t sound overly supportive of the notion of their mate participating in a hobby that seems to be forever stereotyped as one for children by those on the outside looking in.

Others seem to get right on board with the whole idea of collecting and even write a blog about their collecting experiences as a couple.

My situation lies somewhere in between those two scenarios, but definitely slants towards the latter of the two.

My wife is far from a collector herself, but as someone who has some hobbies of her own she has an understanding and appreciation for the important role that they can play in a person’s life.

Sure, she enjoys hopping on board with my friends to give me some good-natured ribbing about my ‘childish’ hobby and the fact that I find it necessary to write a blog about it.

But at the end of the day she is completely supportive of pretty much everything that I do related to my collecting, my “business”, and my writing.

She joins me in ripping open packs of cards, always excited when she pulls something “shiny”. 

She listens any time I need to vent about a eBay or a problem I’ve run into with a fellow buyer and/or seller. 

She has even started reading the occasional article that I post here on this blog.

Most importantly though, she’s always there to remind me that, in the end, this is just a hobby; something only to be taken seriously for as long as it’s enjoyable for me.

I’m not certain she’ll even read today’s post, but I still feel it’s important to acknowledge her and thank her for the support she is always there to offer me, not only in my hobby-related pursuits, but in every other aspect of my life as well.

I really couldn’t be more grateful to have her in my life.  Here’s to many more happy years to come!

Until Sunday, all the best in your collecting pursuits!


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