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Talking Trades: Free of the “Rookie” Trader Shackles

September 9, 2012

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Making trades each and every month of the year was one of my five collecting related goals and objectives for 2012.

As I mentioned in my August Self-Sufficiency Summary a week ago, that goal has been achieved through the first 8 months of the year.  Every single deal I have completed to date has come through Sports Card Forum, a website I had used frequently a number of years ago when I was much more actively involved in the trading side of the hobby.

Up until this week I had been at something of a disadvantage though. 

That’s because I was considered a “Rookie” trader; a user of the site with a feedback rating (a.k.a. completed transactions) of less than 20.

But that all changed after completing a pair of deals in the last 10 days or so.

The first involved moving a Rick Nash rookie card from 2002-03 Be A Player Signature Series that I picked up for a buck as a part of a larger investment project purchase for a couple dozen 2010-11 Pinnacle base set cards that I was in need of for my set.

The second deal, which was the one that pushed me to the magic number 20, netted me a bunch of 1997-98 Leaf cards left on my want list, a Jarome Iginla 1997-98 Donruss Priority Postcard, and a pair of Steve Yzerman inserts that will be making their way into my eBay Store shortly.  In exchange I sent a couple inserts of Teemu Selanne and Jarome Iginla in the other direction.

The move to the “Prospect” level on SCF definitely puts me in a much more comfortable position when it comes to making deals on the site. 

As a “Rookie” I was required to send my cards to the other collector first.  The other collector was only required to send me the cards that I’d be receiving once they had received the cards I sent.

Though everyone I have dealt with on SCF has come through with their end of the bargain, it remains nerve-racking to know that I was completely at the mercy of the trustworthiness and reliability of the other individual.

Not only that, but the entire process of getting the deal complete takes twice as long as it does when both collectors send their items at the same time.

I completely understand the need for such a system to be in place and was pleased to discover that SCF had instituted the system back when it first came into effect.  But building my rating to the point that I won’t be shackled with restrictions is definitely a better place to be.

Now that I am out of that situation I am hoping that it will serve as some personal motivation to get even more deals done than I have thus far in 2012.  A minimum of one trade a month is the goal, but it feels much better to exceed that goal whenever it’s possible.


Do you actively trade on online message boards?  What are your thoughts on the restrictions SCF places on “Rookie” traders?

Let me know by posting a comment, emailing me at, or getting in touch on Facebook and Twitter.

Until Wednesday, all the best in your collecting pursuits!


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