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Shameless Self-Promotion – 3rd Annual October Auction Series

September 26, 2012

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One of the major focusses of this blog is to chronicle my pursuit of a financially self-sufficient hobby.  

I am aiming to achieve that goal by selling off items in my collection that I do not want or need, almost exclusively through my eBay Store.

Despite the fact that my eBay Store currently generates almost every penny of income necessary to make that goal a reality, rarely do I use this blog to blatantly/solely promote my store, the items listed in it, or any sales or promotions I’m running.

Today, however, will be one of those rare exceptions, just as it was around this time last year.

That’s because for the third year in a row I am doing my “October Auction Series” in an effort to generate some much-needed (ok, much wanted) funds for the Toronto Fall Sports Card and Memorabilia Expo that’s coming up in just over 6 weeks’ time.

I am aiming to have auctions ending and beginning in my store every single night of the month (there’s already 34 items on the block), listing an array of cards and collectibles along the way.

The past two years of running this nightly auction series has been extremely successful for me, raising plenty of cash for me to take to the big show in Toronto.

This year, however, I am not certain that the same levels of success will be seen.  This concern is, of course, because of the NHL lockout situation.

Usually the hockey season is starting up right around this time, which I find also leads to fellow collectors spending more regularly after going into hockey-hibernation over the summer months.

Whether or not that will be the case with no NHL hockey even remotely on the horizon remains to be seen.  But if you’re interested in picking up some cards for your collection, be sure to check out my auctions and place a few bids!

And if you can’t find it in my store, send me your want list by posting a link to it in a comment on Facebook or Twitter, or email it to me at

Until Sunday, all the best in your collecting pursuits!


Email Me | Twitter | Facebook | My eBay Store | My Want List | RSS Feed

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