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September Self-Sufficiency Summary

September 30, 2012

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It’s getting to the point in the year that my optimism about achieving some of my major goals and objectives for 2012 is starting to wane.

Reality is beginning to set in that there are a number of them that I am unlikely to be able to achieve.

I know that there’s still an entire quarter to go, but the pace of progress necessary for completion of these goals just hasn’t materialized.

But don’t let that get you to thinking I’m feeling down about my hobby.  Far from it in fact.

My impending lack of success in achieving everything I set out to way back in January is serving as an eye opener as to what’s important to me, how much work I actually need to put into this hobby, and is serving as motivation to find ways to get more accomplished moving forward.

My pursuit of a financially self-sufficient hobby continues to progress, which is the ultimate goal, but some bumps in the road need to be expected.

And with that, let’s look at where I’m at when it comes to the 15 goals and objectives I have set for myself for 2012:


  • Another month with no Blue Jays cards added.  I didn’t manage to make it over to my newly relocated local card shop, but hope to do so in the near future in search of some cards for my 2006-2010 Toronto Blue Jays project.
  • Nothing to mark complete just yet, but every card from the 2010-11 Pinnacle set that got added to my want lists last month are currently pending.  Hopefully in the next couple of days I’ll be adding another set to the already completed Collecting Goal #2.
  • There was no batch of cards dropped off by the old man this month, so it was an especially slow month in terms of additions to the player collections.  I only added a pair of Jeremy Roenick cards, neither of which met the “more than 10 years old” criteria.  Barring a miracle at the Toronto Fall Expo, Collecting Goal #3 is pretty much dead in the water.
  • The purging of duplication from my permanent collection continues to move along well.  Some October Auction Series sales will certainly be a big help in ridding my collection of some more of the duplicate items.
  • I completed another pair of trades this month and with a couple of deals in the works that I expect to wrap up in October, I am reamin on pace to achieve Collecting Goal #5.


  • “Business” Goal #1 of a 10% increase in both volume of items sold and revenue is looking more and more like it will not be achieved yet again this year either.  Too far to go with too little time to get there.
  • Just as I mentioned last month, “Business” Goal #2 is all but out of reach as well, largely due to eBay’s free listing promotion in the Sports Mem, Card and Fan Shop Category for the remainder of the year.  I cannot foresee being able to almost triple my eBay Store inventory by the end of the year, which is pretty much the minimum of what I’d have to do to achieve this goal.
  • My off-eBay revenue generation (“Business” Goal #3) remains almost non-existent, despite my efforts to sell in other forums and through advertisements placed on my website.
  • My investment project, which makes up “Business” Goal #4, saw no movement at all since last month’s Self-Sufficiency Summary and this month’s.  The project remains at an account balance of $259.16 and 172 cards.
  • My website remains something of an afterthought as I have focused my time primarily on scanning cards and prepping listings over the past month.  As I said last month, I have ideas on an overhaul in the queue, I just need to put them into action at some point.


  • There were only a couple of lengthy posts (by my standards and past performance) this month, and a number of shorter ones, which I’m happy about.  I’d like to get things even shorter, but I’m comfortable with where I’ve moved things to thus far in 2012.
  • I feel like I did a good job of spreading out my topics again this month, touching on things such as a baseball book review, an obligatory NHL lockout post, an updating on my trading status, and a little shameless self-promotion to name a few.
  • For the fourth consecutive month I saw a decline in overall visits to this blog, albeit a very minor one.  In fact, for the past three months now visits have been pretty much stagnant as the daily average of visits have been identical.  Though that may sound like a bad thing, it’s balanced out with an increase in subscribers and interaction.  So although the overall numbers may be lower, to me they’re also richer, which I believe is more important.
  • I keep trying to add resources of value to you, the reader, but I still feel there’s room for improvement.  This is something I need to continue to keep front-of-mind when I’m writing.
  • My eBay Store Monthly Newsletter continues to go out (sent this month’s this morning).  If you’re on eBay, become a subscriber and qualify for exclusive discounts and specials!

And with that, September has come to an end.  Some harsh doses of reality, but also some motivation and direction coming out of it.

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Until Wednesday, all the best in your collecting pursuits!


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