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From the World of “Why?”: An Absolutely Ridiculous “1 of 1” Claim

October 17, 2012

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Today’s post was intended to be on a completely different topic.  The post was ready to go.  The topic was something I’ve wanted to write about for a few weeks.

Then I got my daily eBay search results emails and found the following link and associated photo included in the “Masterpieces” email and I just had to post something about it:



Somehow this dealer has decided that it trying to convince his/her potential customers that a horrendous printing error somehow constitutes a “Masterpiece…real 1/1” is a good idea.

I call this a very quick way to completely destroy his/her credibility.

More insane than trying to convince people who this is a “Masterpiece…real 1/1” is having a starting bid of $24.95 and a Buy It Now price of $44.95.

More insane than that is stating in the item description that the estimated value of the card is $75 to $125.

Any rational collector would realize that this is simply a horrendous example of a printing error, something that is better suited to a recycling bin or garbage can than it is to a collection. 

That’s probably why this card has never sold despite the fact that I’ve seen it in my eBay emails (and intended to post about it) a number of times before.

Why dealers such as this person willingly choose to post junk like this and attempt to pass it off as something of value is completely beyond me.  If I ever tried to pull this sort of stunt I would be beyond embarrassed of myself, just as this person ought to be.

Feel free to share your examples of dealers’ ridiculous claims of a “1 of 1” card by emailing me at, posting a comment, or connecting on Twitter or Facebook.

Until Sunday, all the best in your collecting pursuits!


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