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Photographic Follies, Volume 6: 2005-2006 Upper Deck Goal Celebrations

October 24, 2012

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A common complaint amongst collectors almost every single time a trading card manufacturer releases a new product is that there often seems to be insert sets included simply for the sake of it, with no real purpose or direction taken into consideration.

The other day I came across a card in my boxes of stuff I’m trying to sell off/trade away that caught my eye.

Notice anything amiss?

For a set titled “Goal Celebrations” Mr. Kovalchuk certainly doesn’t seem to be doing much celebrating in this image, does he?

As soon as I saw this card I immediately thought that it was time for my first Photographic Follies post in nearly a year.  How could I resist pointing out such a blatantly obvious oversight in the photo selection process?

Then I found this one in my box of sellers/traders, directly behind the Kovalchuk example:

That’s right, another “Goal Celebrations” insert that is completely lacking in any kind of celebratory image.

One such example could be considered an error, but two seems to be the beginning of a trend.

So I decided to do some digging on eBay to see if these were just a couple of mistakes in the set or if this was one of the more truly pathetic efforts I have encountered from Upper Deck.

I quickly found a seller offering the entire set for sale, clicked on the link, and found this photo of the seven cards that make up the set.

Not a single card of the seven shows the player celebrating in any way.  Every single one of these cards is a glaring display of a Photographic Folly!

Usually I reserve this category for questionable photo selections that end up making the player pictured on the card look ridiculous.

That isn’t really the case with today’s post though.  Instead, Upper Deck is making itself look ridiculous with an absolutely lazy excuse for an insert set, delivering an absolutely perfect example of what drives some collectors up the wall. 

If a company is going to create an insert set to include in a product, the very least it could do is give the illusion that it’s giving an effort.

It cannot possibly be difficult to come across a photo of a prolific NHL scorer celebrating one of his goals…especially when you only have seven such photos to look for in order to pull this set off properly.

This set just comes off as pack-filler nonsense and every single image you see above definitely qualifies Upper Deck as a serial offender when it comes to subjecting collectors to Photographic Follies.


Are there any inserts sets you’re aware of on which the images the company used doesn’t seem to fit the theme of the set one bit?

If so, then be sure to leave a comment, email me at, or connect on Facebook and Twitter and share your example.

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Until Sunday, all the best in your collecting pursuits!


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