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October Self-Sufficiency Summary

October 31, 2012

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Just as every month seems to have so far in 2012, October has come and gone before I realized it.

Back in September the reality of my chances of achieving all of my goals and objectives for the year set in big time and I admitted to myself that things weren’t going to turn out entirely as I had hoped for. 

Not much has changed in the month that has followed, but I have a much better sense for what I can realistically expect to accomplish the next time I need to set my goals and objectives for a year.

Best of all, when I tally the final numbers for October I’m fully expecting to see that it was a financially self-sufficient month.  It may even have been good enough to push me into the territory of making it a reality for the year as a whole.

In the meantime, here’s a look at my progress toward the 15 goals and objectives I have set for myself for 2012:


  • Again, no cards added to my 2006-2010 Toronto Blue Jays project this month.  Hopefully I have another good haul at the Expo!
  • I was able to finish off the set of 2010-11 Pinnacle set that got added to my want lists over the summer, adding to the already achieved Collecting Goal #2.  With a further 17 sets being 5 or less cards from completion, I’m hoping to have a big batch of positive news to report following the Expo.
  • A single Mario Lemieux card was added to that collection this month that met the requirements of Collecting Goal #3, which has been to add 25 cards ten years or older to each of my major player collections.  Unless the dealers at the Expo bring nothing but old stuff, there’s no way I’ll be even close to reaching that goal for even on of my Lemieux, Roenick, Samsonov, Thornton, and Yzerman collections, let alone all of them.
  • It was an outstanding month for ridding myself of duplication from my permanent collection, particularly when it comes to moving out duplicates of sets.  Almost ten complete base sets that I had no use for went out the door, becoming cash for my Expo fund coffers.
  • As single trade wrapped up in October, coming through from the Sports Card Forum board within the first few days of the month.  I’m 10 for 10 so far this year, but need to put in some work soon to make sure I remain on track to achieve Collecting Goal #5.


  • October has been a great month sales-wise, but the reality is that even if November and December equal the results of this month I won’t match last year’s total, let alone increase anything by 10%, meaning “Business” Goal #1 is all but certain to be unachieved.
  • I have officially written off “Business” Goal #2 as there is simply no possible way for me to achieve it with the limited time left in the year.  Oh well, something to keep on the goals list for 2013!
  • Again, my revenue generation (“Business” Goal #3) from additional sources remains pretty much non-existent.
  • My investment project, also known as “Business” Goal #4, has been a huge success after all of the sales I made in October.  I’m up to a dollar balance of $463.65, which is $213.65 above my starting funds from back in January.  I also have 213 cards in the project inventory, meaning there’s plenty left to move to increase the dollar balance even further.
  • Once again, I’ve done almost nothing on my website.  Lots of ideas on paper, zero time available to execute them.


  • I feel as though it was another good month for keeping the length of my articles down.  As always I’d like to keep things even shorter, but I remain comfortable with where I’ve been able to get things to.
  • I’m also pretty happy with the range of topics I was able to fit in this month, spreading the net fairly wide rather than zeroing in on a specific area of focus.
  • There wasn’t a lot of commentary from readers this year in response to my articles, but readership remained very consistent, which is one positive I can pull from the numbers this month.
  • I’ve fallen behind badly when it comes to keeping up on the hobby-related blogs I follow, so there was a bit of a dip in the number of resources I provided this month.  I’m going to try my best to get caught up on things in the coming days and weeks.
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Questions, comments or feedback are always welcome as well.  You can get in touch with me anytime by commenting on an article, connecting on Facebook and Twitter, or emailing me at

Until Sunday, all the best in your collecting pursuits!


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