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Only 5 More Sleeps Until the Toronto Fall Expo!

November 4, 2012

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The clocks have fallen back an hour, the snow has started flying (at least in my part of the country), and a new season’s worth of hockey card products having started to be released. 

All of this can only mean one very exciting thing for a Canadian sports collector: it’s almost Toronto Fall Sport Card & Memorabilia Expo time!

This is probably my favourite time of year to be a collector and despite the fact that we’re still without any actual NHL hockey taking place, I still have some great expectations for what I’m in store for on Friday afternoon and evening.

The last time there was a lockout in 2004-05 it was a boon to the older pieces of my permanent collection.  Dealers seemed to have dug way back in their inventories for the Expo shows that took place during that lockout and it allowed collectors like me to finally track down some long-unfound items we needed for our collections.

This year there will still be some new products to be had at the show, but it’s definitely not in the same volume as a normal NHL season would involve.  My hope is that dealers do the same thing they did the last time around and I can make some progress on the earlier years of my player collection (and Collecting Goal #3 in the process.

Despite the slower flow of new products the manufacturers seem to be preparing for the Expo just as they always would, with promotions, giveaways, and wrapper redemption programs all remaining in the mix.

As a result, there’s plenty of news and information floating around online from the manufacturers, hobby-related media, and hobby-focussed blogs about what is in store for the Expo as we get closer to the show. 

Rather than providing what would end up being a lengthy synopsis of what collectors can expect at the show, I’ve compiled a list of links to Expo-related information for you should you have the desire to learn more:

From the Manufacturers

In The Game

According to Dr. Price: More Fall Expo News from ITG

In The Game News: Fall Expo at In The GameLand

According to Dr. Price: Fall Expo at In The GameLand


Art of the Matter: Panini America Releasing New Sketch Cards at 2012 Toronto Fall Expo

Panini America Releases Preliminary Plans for 2012 Toronto Fall Expo Redemption

Panini America Plans Score Hot Rookies Set for 2012 Toronto Fall Expo (Gallery)

Upper Deck

Upper Deck Plans to Keep Hockey Interest Alive at the 2012 Fall Sportcard & Memorabilia Expo

From the Hobby-Related Media


ITG Reveals Redemptions for 2012 Fall Expo

Panini Reveals Fall Expo Wrapper Redemption Plans

Toronto Fall Expo Collectors Guide

UD Brings Back Priority Signings for Fall Expo

The Want List

CHL Prospects to Sign at Fall Expo In The GameLand

Grading Companies to Attend Fall Expo

More Panini Fall Expo Hockey Card Details Revealed

Fall Expo Redemptions Available at In The GameLand

Hot Rookies Highlight Panini America Fall Expo Promotion

The Want List Magazine Promotion at Fall Expo

’72 Canada Autograph Guests to Highlight Fall Expo

UDC Announces Expo Redemption Priority Signings

Other News, Previews, and Resources

Canada Card World

More Panini 2012 Fall Expo Plans

Panini Begins to Reveal Plans for 2012 Fall Sports Card Expo

2012 Fall Sports Card Expo – In The Game Reveals In The GameLand

2012 Fall Sports Card Expo Update

2012 Toronto Fall Sports Card Expo Update

Sports Collectors Daily

Fall Sportcard Expo Approaching


I’ll be taking Friday afternoon off of work to head down to the show and will do my best to post some updates to my Facebook and Twitter feeds throughout the day.

If you’re heading to the show yourself I hope it’s a success when it comes to crossing cards off your want lists.  I’m looking forward to posting a review of my own experience at the show and hopefully reading about some others’ too!

Until Wednesday, all the best in your collecting pursuits!


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