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2 Years of the blog in the Books

November 14, 2012

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Just over a month ago I posted an article that celebrated the fact that I had made it to the 200 post mark, a milestone that I was quite proud of having reached.

Well, today’s post is going to be dedicated to yet another personal writing-related milestone here on the blog.

Exactly two years ago today I posted my first ever article here at the blog and since that time I have been posted a new article every single Wednesday and Sunday.

Through those articles I have been sharing my sports card and memorabilia collecting experiences while also chronicling my pursuit of a financially self-sufficient hobby.

Year #2 for this blog was even better than the first was when it comes to readership, page views, and reader engagement. 

Comments, emails, and subscriptions have come in from readers more frequently; “likes” and “favourites” of my posts by readers no longer come as a surprise; and total page views increased by more than 280% from just under 3,500 in year one to nearly 10,000 in year two.

For these reasons and many more, my desire to write about this great hobby is stronger than it has ever been.

I have some ideas for how I’d like to continue to move things forward when it comes to my writing about the hobby, some of which involve this blog, some of which will involve exploring other options.

Thanks to everyone who has kept me going to this point by reading, by commenting, and by getting in touch by e-mail, Facebook, and Twitter.

I appreciate the support and I hope that you’ll continue to follow along as I keep up my pursuit of accomplishing my self-sufficiency goal.

Until Sunday, all the best in your collecting pursuits!


Email Me | Twitter | Facebook | My eBay Store | My Want List | RSS Feed

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