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Blogs That Disappear

November 21, 2012
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This past Sunday the unthinkable almost happened to me when it comes to this blog. 

After more than two years of diligently posting a new article every single Wednesday and Sunday of the year, I came dangerously close to missing a post.

I have always been concerned that something like that might happen, but I always pictured it being as a result of some sort of internet connection issue or a crisis in my personal life that would prevent me from getting the article posted.

That wasn’t that case when it came to Sunday’s near miss. 

Really, it just boiled down to me being completely exhausted after an out-of-town weekend hockey tournament (and the lack of sleep and over-consumption of adult beverages that tends to accompany such trips), resulting in a total absence of motivation. 

When I returned home I didn’t have anything prepped in terms of a draft for the article.  In fact, I didn’t even have a short list of jot notes to work from.  All I wanted was some rest and relaxation.  I just didn’t feel like writing. 

Most of all, I wondered if anyone would even notice or care if I didn’t get around to it.

Eventually the more motivated part of my brain got the upper hand I got something posted, but to me it was a rather half-assed effort.

All of this got me to thinking about other hobby-related blogs, the people who write them, and how some of these blogs just seem to fade away.

I have done an absolutely terrible job of keeping up on the other blogs I usually read, but as best I can tell from my RSS feed reader the vast majority of them have continued posting on a somewhat regular basis.

But others haven’t.  They, or the people who write them, seem to have simply disappeared off the face of the earth, often without any notice whatsoever.

Part of me actually gets upset about it at times, especially with those that had been around for a longer period of time that I felt I had invested some time with following.  That time suddenly feels like it was wasted.

Another part of me is simply disappointed.  I really enjoy reading about what other peoples’ experiences are in this hobby.  To me, every single hobby-focussed blog out there has something useful to add to the conversation, and losing those voices and the experiences they share is something I never like to see.

It also makes me wonder what caused the sudden departure from something that I’m sure the writer must have truly enjoyed doing at one point or another.

I hope that I never reach the point where I simply give up on writing without providing some sort of notice that I’m packing things in.  Right now I can’t ever see that being the case, but who knows what life will be like for me a year, a month, or even a week from now?

Whether or not this blog survives over the long-term remains to be seen, but one thing I am all but certain of is that I want to continue writing in one forum or another. 

My vision for where I want to take my writing and how I want to approach it has been becoming clearer by the day as of late, which makes me think my lack of motivation on Sunday was simply a product of the situation I put myself in that day, as opposed to any sort of long-term issue.


Are you a blogger – past or present – who has had a blog fall by the wayside?  Did you warn your readers or did you simply stop writing one day? 

If so, I’d be very interested in hearing from you.  You can share your story by posting a comment, by sending me an e-mail, or by connecting with me on Facebook and Twitter.

Until Sunday, all the best in your collecting (and writing) pursuits!


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  1. November 22, 2012 1:59 AM

    I guess that you’ve hit a wall that many of us have from time to time. Unless we’re getting paid to do this (and most of us are not), we’re under no obligation to post anything. We say that we are blogging about this Hobby for fun, and hope that people will read it. But some times, there just isn’t anything to write about. It’s a terrible thing to think about. Because then we become less active. As the days go on, and the longer we avoid our site, the less motivated we are to continue it. It takes a very strong committment to keep on going. I’m glad that you have kept going.

    As I maintain the Sports Card Blogroll, I have noticed an increase in the number of blogs I’ve had to remove from the site because they have been inactive for more than six months. I have speculated many times about the reasons why the writers have stopped…well…writing about sports cards.

    Could it be because of less enthusiasm about our Hobby? A majority of the time it is. The economy we’ve all been through hasn’t helped matters. The Hobby we share is an escape. Some times we forget it’s purpose. Some times we take it too seriously to enjoy, and then we start not liking it as much.

    Could it be personal matters? It can. Factors outside the blog should take precedence over everything else. In the grand scheme of things, the blogs aren’t a high priority for many. It’s just another outlet to share our passion.

    When I started, you had writers like Chris (stalegum), Dave (Cardboard Junkie), Steve (White Sox Cards), Patrcia (Dinged Corners), Ben (Baseball Card Blog), thorzul (Thorzul will Rule), and Mario (Wax Heaven). All were/are great writers who showed passion about our Hobby, and they helped pave the way for guys like me, Marie/Sooz (A Cardboard Problem), Greg (Night Owl), Gellman (SCU), J (Field Level View), Nachos Grande, Wrigley Wax, and many others to add our opinions and voices to the mix.

    When Mario tried to maintain a blogroll, he was happy to get to 100 blogs. Over the years that I’ve maintained the blogroll, I have hosted more than 400 individual blogs (not all at one time, but you get the idea). I too find it sad when a blogger announces that he is quitting his or her site, regardless of the reasons why. I get even more disheartened (is that even a word?) when I remove a blog from my site and it looks like they just vanished from view, leaving their blog frozen in time.

    What we need are new writers, new blogs, new voices to join the collective pool. We also need to tell them to let us know that they are out there so we can follow along on their journeys through the Hobby.


    JayBee Anama

    • November 22, 2012 6:16 AM

      Really appreciate your insight on this James. I check out your blog roll from time to time and subscribe to your blog via RSS and always take notice when you post an update to the list.

      My sense is that many people don’t necessarily realize the commitment it takes to do this. It’s definitely more than I had expected when I started this up, but thankfully I’m enjoying doing it enough to keep things going on a regular basis. For others, I can definitely understand why things don’t last.

      Thanks again for your input and I look forward to continuing to follow along with your hobby experiences!



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