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November Self-Sufficiency Summary

November 28, 2012

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Today marks the last posting day of November here at the blog, so it’s time to do my monthly recap of the progress (or lack thereof) that I’ve made toward the 15 goals and objectives I have set for myself for 2012:


  • Another month void of any additions to my 2006-2010 Toronto Blue Jays project.  No additions is discouraging enough, but when it comes in a month that included a Toronto Expo show it only adds to the pain, especially when I’m only 16 cards short of adding 100 cards to this project in 2012.
  • I also had very little success in tracking down base set singles I need from my want lists, though I was able to eliminate one set from the list entirely, adding to the success of the already completed Collecting Goal #2.  
  • I picked up 8 Roenicks and 7 Thorntons that fit the bill for Collecting Goal #3, but I’m still well short of 25 such cards for the year when it comes to all 5 players, leaving this goal unattainable by year’s end.
  • Following the success I had in October in terms ridding myself of duplication from my collection, November failed to come even close.  Sales were low across the board though, as I turned my attention from selling to buying for the vast majority of the month.
  • Through no fault of my own, I may end up missing out on meeting the criteria for Collecting Goal #5.  I lined up a trade through Sports Card Forum but found out last week that the other guy forgot to mail my card to me.  He got it in the mail right away when I contact him though, so I do still have a couple of days to anxiously await its arrival.  Hopefully it comes and this goal is complete through 11 of 12 months!


  • As was noted above, November saw a major dip in sales compared to October, mainly due to the fact that I focused much more on buying than selling.  I’m hoping for a strong December to close out the year, but “Business” Goal #1 of a 10% increase in both volume and revenue won’t be achieved on the year.
  • As I mentioned last month, “Business” Goal #2 (having my items account for 1% of all Hockey Card listings on has been abandoned.
  • Another less than achieved goal.  Revenue generation (“Business” Goal #3) from additional sources remains minimal to nil.
  • I did a lot of Investment Project spending this month, but not a lot of selling.  I spent $175.46 on 89 cards on “Business” Goal #4 this month, but didn’t sell any items.  That brings my account balance to $288.19 (or $38.19 above my initial balance) and my cards in the inventory up to 302.  A pretty solid performance that I hope to turn into an even better one with a strong month of sales in December.
  • Yet again, no work was done on my website.  Another write-off for 2012, this is something I expect will become a major priority in my 2013 list of goals and objectives.


  • I’ve got myself in a pretty comfortable place with the length of my articles.  Long enough to feel like I’ve put some substance in them, but short enough that they don’t drag on for what feels like forever anymore…to me at least.
  • I also feel like I did a decent job of spreading out the range of topics I wrote about this again this month.  Some eBay related, some writing focused, some collecting centered.  A nice balance all around.
  • While there wasn’t a lot of commentary again this month, there was a great one on the article in which I mused about blogs that disappear.  Thanks to James for the feedback!
  • My attempt to get back on track with the hobby-related blogs I follow was short-lived and as a result my inclusion of useful resources suffered in all but one article.
  • My next eBay Store Newsletter will be sent out on Friday.  This is another area that I have plans to change in 2013, but I’m planning to maintain the existing focus of the newsletter through the end of the year.  If you’re on eBay you can subscribe today and qualify for exclusive discounts and specials!

November ended up being far from self-sufficient as a result of the Toronto Expo and a couple of eBay and COMC buying binges, but I’m hopeful that I can turn some of those purchases into profitable flips in December that will pave the way to a year that was as close to financially self-sufficient as I’ve had to date.

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I always welcome your questions, comments or feedback too.  You can get in touch with me anytime by commenting on an article, connecting on Facebook and Twitter, or emailing me at

Until Sunday, all the best in your collecting pursuits!


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