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Steal of a Deal: Roenick Bulk Buy

December 2, 2012

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Shortly before the 2012 Toronto Fall Sports Card and Memorabilia Expo I made a trio of purchases from a single seller on eBay that have led me to the first Steal of a Deal post here on the blog in more than 150 articles.

That trio of purchases involved dropping about $80 (shipping included) on cards of a single player.  That player is Jeremy Roenick, one of the six players who I focus my collection attention on.

That $80 investment netted me the following 11 cards for my permanent collection.

Roenick Bulk Buy Needs - Parallels

Roenick Bulk Buy Needs - Jerseys

To me, a cost of roughly $7.25 per card for almost $180 in “book value” (for what that’s worth) is more than a fair price for these cards, especially when eight of them are items I’ve been trying to track down for more than a decade.

But to a non-Roenick collector, you might be asking how I can consider spending $80 on those 11 cards (barely more than 55% off Beckett listing prices) to be a steal.  Generally a steal would need to constitute a much more significant discount than just 55%.

Well, the answer to that question is as follows:

Roenick Bulk Buy IP1

Roenick Bulk Buy IP2

Roenick Bulk Buy IP3

Roenick Bulk Buy IP4

Roenick Bulk Buy IP5

Roenick Bulk Buy IP6

The batch of Roenick cards that I purchased also included everything you see above; 57 cards in total.

That lowers the average cost per card to a measly $1.40, shipping included. 

According to the seller’s listings I was getting $710 in “book value” – or nearly $12.50 per card.  To end up paying just over 11% of that price is something I would definitely consider a steal!

So in addition to knocking 11 cards off my Roenick want list, I also have 46 cards that will fit into my Investment Project, cards that I believe provide me with an excellent opportunity to pay off my investment once things are said and done. 

Those cards aren’t up on the auction block just yet (a different batch from my Investment Project are filling that role tonight), but my goal is to have them listed a week from today and start making my money back as soon as I can.


So what do you think?  Did I make out with a steal in this deal or am I being overly optimistic about my return on investment?

Get in touch and let me know by posting a comment, sending me an e-mail, or connecting with me on Facebook and Twitter.

If you’ve made any purchases recently that you’d consider a “steal of a deal” I would really like to hear about them too.  

Until Wednesday, all the best in your collecting pursuits!


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