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Annual Review: Collecting

December 19, 2012

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Today’s article is the second in my series of Annual Review posts.  Here’s the look at how I did with the objectives included in the Collecting Category in 2012:

Start one new collecting project – PARTIALLY ACHIEVED

A poorly worded goal at best.  This goal was basically achieved before I published my article outlining what I was trying to accomplish collecting-wise in 2012.  I had already decided that collecting cards of Toronto Blue Jays players from 2006 to 2010 was going to be the new project before the year had even started.  So when I introduced the project I amended it to state that I would aim to add 100 cards to the 48 that I started the year with that fit this project.

To date I have added 84 cards to the project and have another 29 en route from Check Out My Cards (COMC).  I have my doubts that they will arrive before the year is out though (postal service has been exceptionally slow for late-November/December this year), so this goal will be marked as a partial achievement for the year.

Complete at least five of the non-player-specific projects currently found in my want lists – ACHIEVED

This goal was achieved way back in May.  I have completed 11 sets to date, including a couple that got added to the list during the year.  Once that aforementioned order from COMC arrives I will be up to a total of 12 sets that have been completed, removed from my want list, and made available for trade or sale (if they haven’t been traded or sold already).

Add 25 cards that are more than 10 years old to each of my major player collections – NOT ACHIEVED

This is the one Collecting goal that I didn’t even come close to achieving.  In fact, I only managed to get past the halfway point with one of the five major player collections.

Even after a few eBay and COMC orders containing cards that qualify for this objective arrive in my mailbox, the final results will only be as follows:

Mario Lemieux: 8 cards

Jeremy Roenick: 12 cards

Sergei Samsonov: 12 cards

Joe Thornton: 13 cards

Steve Yzerman: 9 cards

Apparently older cards of the guys I collect were nowhere near as readily available and/or affordable as I had expected when making this a major goal for the year. 

The fact that the three players on this list who have been retired for some time regularly appear in new releases made this a tough objective to achieve as well, as my collecting budget often went toward buying these newer and easier to find cards.

Purge my permanent collection to minimize duplication – PARTIALLY ACHIEVED

This was another poorly defined objective.  The massive purge I had envisioned involved looking through every single box in the room that houses my collection and putting every single duplicate item up for sale or trade online.

If I stuck to that as the basis for my assessment then I would have failed at this goal.  There are more boxes in that room than I care to mention that haven’t even seen the light of day over the past year, let alone been sifted through for items to rid myself of.

At the same time though, I made a tremendous amount of progress in ridding myself of duplicate items from the boxes that were easily accessible, trading some off and generating a pretty decent amount of revenue from the cards I was able to sell.

So while I didn’t eliminate all of the duplicate items from my collection, I did manage to lessen the amount of it.  For this reason I’ll mark this as a partial achievement as well.

Complete a minimum of one trade per month – PARTIALLY ACHIEVED

For the first 10 months of the year this goal was a complete success.  Each and every month saw a deal conclude with cards arriving in my mailbox from a fellow collector on the Sports Card Forum boards.

In November, however, I ran into a situation where my trading partner encountered some very challenging issues in his personal life that left his focus on things other than hockey cards.  This resulted in him first forgetting to send my card to me, then when he did finally send them the package was returned to him due to insufficient postage.  By the time the card arrived to me it was the first week of December, meaning no cards made their way into my hands in November.

Knowing what he went through, I cannot blame him at all for his mind being elsewhere.  And the fact that I didn’t bother trying to work out any other deals really makes the November failure my own fault.

Due to the extenuating circumstances surrounding that lone example I’ve decided to give myself partial credit.  Had I not managed to negotiate a deal then it would have been a failure, but that wasn’t the case at all.  With only one other goal being completely achieved I also award this result slightly out of self-pity!


And with that my review of the first category of goals and objectives has come to a close with 1 fully achieved goal, 3 partially achieved objectives, and 1 complete and utter failure. 

Definitely some lessons to be learned out of this when it comes to planning for 2013; a theme you’ll see continue in Sunday’s upcoming post about my “Business” goals and objectives.

Until then, all the best in your collecting pursuits!


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