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Mail Day! Masterpieces Master Set Project Progress Report

January 8, 2013

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My first card related package of 2013 arrived back on Friday, bringing with it the first addition of the year for one of my major collecting projects.

I’ve been working on a master set of Upper Deck’s 2008-09 Legends Masterpieces release for the past couple of years (minus any 1 of 1’s) and so far I have managed to complete the two easiest pieces of the puzzle: the base set and the Brown Border parallel of the base set.

Still left to be completed are the Green (#’d/99) Blue (#’d/50), and Red (#’d/25) parallels of the base set, Brushstrokes autographs in Brown, Green (#’d/35), Blue (#’d/25), and Red (#’d/10), as well as the Canvas Clippings jersey cards in Brown, Green (#’d/85), Blue (#’d/50), and Red (#’d/10).

Of the bunch, the set that I am closest to completing is the Canvas Clippings Brown Border set, entering the year just eight cards shy of knocking it off the want list for good.

The challenge is that of the eight cards that I still needed as of January 1st, six of them are identified by Upper Deck as short prints and are cards that I have discovered are exceptionally difficult to come by.

Friday’s package just happened to include one of those difficult to find short prints in the form of Flyers goaltending hero Ron Hextall.


Including shipping this card set me back just over $20, which is much more than the average amount I have paid (and have been willing to pay) for other Canvas Clippings cards in my collection and is significantly more than I paid for the Blue Border parallel version of this very card that I already own.

But after a few years of chasing these cards down I have come to realize just how difficult it is to find the short printed cards from the Canvas Clippings Brown Border set, as well as the kinds of premiums fellow collectors seem willing to pay in order to acquire them.

In fact, I’m somewhat surprised that I was able to get this card for the price I did given how infrequently I’ve come across it.  I can say with confidence that since I started this project that I can count the number of examples of this card that I’ve seen offered for sale on one hand.

This is a great way to kick off the year for my collection and brings me one step closer to finalizing another piece of the Masterpieces puzzle.

If you have any 2008-09 Upper Deck Masterpieces cards that you’re willing to part with then please check my want list for the cards I have left to track down.  If it turns out that you have something I need then be sure to get in touch.  You can post a comment, connect on Facebook and Twitter, or email me at

Until next time, all the best in your collecting pursuits!


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